We love these socks!

Here's a stunning pair of hand knit socks with longer legs. This color combination uses Zauberball Crazy, probably the softest, most durable sock yarn we carry.

The cuffs and heels and toes are knit using Color 2095 Indisch Red. Legs and feet are knit with Color 1699 Lilac Flavor. We like how the soft red violet of the lilac complements the strong reds in Indisch Red. It's a good combination.

By using two balls of sock yarn you won't be worrying about running out of yarn. Make those legs calf high. Cast on a cuff that is 4-8 stitches more than for a short sock. That half inch to an inch in girth will fit a larger calf size and you can decrease those stitches as you get toward the ankle. 

We include a FREE sock pattern with every order of sock yarn. Order now and get started on a warm pair of tall socks for the cooler days ahead.

You'll like our price on Zauberball Crazy.

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