Hi . A nother summer is in the books! I hope you had some fun times and enjoyed the hot summer nights! We got both kids back to college and looking forward to more memories next summer! Until then, it’s back to work! 

As we move through the 3 rd quarter, tax projections are priority #1! We are in planning mode and again, most of the projections we have prepared are further clarification that most clients are under-withholding. If you would like to take advantage of this planning service we offer, please email Chris or give us a call. 

We are finally welcoming guidance in regards to the credit available to small business owners from the IRS and are wading through the pages of FUN! Truly, no sarcasm here – we love this stuff! Yes I know, we are weird. We take it as a compliment! In all seriousness though, we are attending seminars, webinars and reading everything we can get our hands on to provide the best service possible to our clients! 

As always, referrals are always welcome and always appreciated! 

Happy Fall!