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Hi . And that’s a wrap for summer 2019! Kids are back in school and schedules are back on track! 

We will be mailing out a year-end package to everyone within the next two months, so please be on the lookout. It includes some changes for taxes, some new rules, and some updates from our office. 

We have some new faces coming on board soon, so we will be introducing everyone to our new team members! We are growing – and excited for the changes! 

Nothing concrete on the pending tax changes we keep reading about but collective thoughts are they will pass prior to year-end. As soon as we know, we will get that information out ASAP! 

Also, tax projection season is here so if you want to see how things are shaping up, please email Chris or Denise.

Enjoy the cooler days, the fall leaves and all things Pumpkin!
Laura M. Mraz, EA - LMM & Associates, Inc.
11017 N. Woodstock St., P.O. Box 741 | Huntley, IL | 847.458.2460

What burning tax questions do you have (yes, that is a thing!)? Go ahead, ASK LAURA ! Use the button provided to email your question and we will get back to you! We will share one question each month going forward, as well as the answer!

September 2nd - Happy Labor Day! Office will be closed.
September 15th - 3rd Qtr. Estimated Payments are due.
September 21st - Happy Fall!

"Stop being jealous of people in their winning season. You don’t know what they lost in their losing season" Unknown
Making Home Improvements?
Rules for Deducting Interest on Home Equity Debt
 Homeowners can deduct interest paid on home equity loans or home equity lines of credit if they use the loan proceeds for making home improvements. However, if the home equity loan is used to pay for anything else, like college tuition or a new car, the interest on that loan won’t be tax deductible. Learn More ►
Tax Reform and Divorce
Rules Regarding Alimony Changed
The rules regarding alimony changed this year. If you were divorced in 2019, alimony is no longer taxable income to the recipient, and is no longer deductible by the payor. This could have a huge impact on your taxes. Learn More ►
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