With heartfeltness, we acknowledge what's happening today in Baltimore, Yemen and Nepal. We are paying attention, we are impacted, and we know our community is involved every day responding to crises such as these.


And we've been working hard on creating this fun and (hopefully) inspiring fundraising video. Holding the complexity with you, we proudly invite you to read on.  


Do you want to see one of the most passionate, embodied fundraising asks of 2015? Click on the photo below to watch a video of our fantastic gs staff asking for your support. Or if you simply appreciate a compelling, well-written fundraising appeal, please, read on. When you're done, please remember to
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Dear generative somatics community,


Have you dreamed of gs sending rapid response teams to the site of current movement moments? Have you wished that gs had more courses? More consistent local practice groups? A network of politicized healers? A well-functioning database? We have. And we've heard loud and clear from so many of you that you want a powerful and robust gs doing what we do, growing transformative social and economic justice movements.

Somatics & Trauma students in NYC.
This Spring we have a goal of raising $40,000 in individual donations to help us move towards the well-resourced organization we all want and this moment demands. We are proud that over 58% of our budget in 2014 came from course fees and our partnership work, and we depend on our community and friends, like you, for the financial support to cover the other 42% needed to run gs.


"generative somatics courses have been an undeniable gift in my life and the work I am part of. Because of these courses- I have grown in my clarity, confidence and courage as a leader and change maker and I am grounded in a love and purpose that fuels my long term commitment to movement work. I am honored to be part of the gs community and a donor to gs as well. By giving to gs I know that I am investing in the cultivation of visionary leadership and sustainable movements."

- Yashna Maya Padamsee,  

National Domestic Workers Alliance

NYC Somatics & Trauma student

In particular, the support of individuals, like you, helps us rely less and less on private foundation dollars where we often compete for funding with our movement partners. Your donation moves us towards the greater capacity and confidence we need to sustain and grow gs. Will you help us meet our goal by donating generously today?


Join us in growing a powerful gs by donating today.  


Interest in our programs is growing and we continue to run courses that change people's lives and transform organizations and movements. Just this last December, we wrapped up our NYC Somatics and Trauma course and saw organizers and leaders with greater resilience, strength and clarity.  

NDWA Member discusses #BLacklives Matter.

We also see the impact of our work in the recent delegation to Ferguson, MO by a team of Black somatic practitioners, and the continued power of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, with whose leaders we've worked for many years. We are thrilled to see these interconnected struggles exploding with 

energy and righteous action.  


The world is going through a massive shift and we are playing our part, making key interventions to strengthen movements for change.


Thanks for your ongoing support. This is only possible because of your energy, dedication and love.



Jay, Staci, Chris, Lisa & Spenta

The gs staff team



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Join us in our mission to use the power of somatics to grow transformative social and environmental justice movements.