Volume XVIlI| December 7, 2018

Dear St. Rose School Families:

Kindness is in the air as we focus our hearts and minds on preparing for Jesus' birth. What a blessing it is to enter our school every day greeted by the beautiful "Be Kind" mural created and gifted to us by the Class of 2018. It sets the tone for peaceful days focused on what really matters -- helping others and working hard to become the people God wants us to be. My heart is happy as I observe countless acts of kindness by our students whose hearts and good deeds are so genuine.

This morning we had a very special celebration after mass. Second grader Kaela Zemo received her Baptism. Monsignor invited her classmates to stand around the Baptismal font and extend their hands in blessing over Kaela. We welcome Kaela into the Catholic church and pray for God's continued blessings upon her and the Zemo family.

While we continue working diligently in the classrooms, at this time of year we also take time to make special things happen. Our Fourth graders visited the Knights of Columbus Museum in New Haven to enjoy a beautiful exhibit of creches from around the world followed by an exciting time to decorate a "St Rose School" Christmas tree with all of the ornaments they made at school including a tree topper and tree skirt. They joined students from other Connecticut schools to create a virtual forest of sparkling, homemade trees and represented us well.

December 6th marked the Feast of St. Nicholas, who is the patron saint of children. Our Student Ambassadors delivered candy canes and St. Nicholas prayers to every classroom where they were given to students as a reminder of this loving and protective Saint. What a gift it is to be able to speak of our faith openly each day at school; it adds such an important dimension to our children's learning journey.

Our November 15th Parent Survey has officially closed. Based on the 131 responses (representing 2/3's of our families) we received, the results are overwhelmingly positive:

* 98.44 percent of respondents rate the St. Rose School community as positive
* 92.37 percent of respondents are satisfied with the academic program for their child(ren). These
results are in line with the rate of growth we have witnessed in the Star testing showing a 23.95
percent growth in Language Arts skills and a 13.2 percent growth in Math skills from May to
October 2018.
* 95.35 percent of respondents rate their child's overall daily experience as positive

Thank you for sharing your valuable insights, which enable us to strengthen St. Rose School and provide your children with an exceptional educational experience.

In other good news, as I shared with you in an earlier email this week, we are thrilled that the Diocese has given the green light to our infrastructure upgrade project! Work is expected to begin the week of December 17th and will not disrupt the school days. We are the only school in the Diocese to implement all five upgrades at one time. These advances will put us on the cutting edge of technology and ensure a highly secure school environment. Please click here for specifics about the project.

We are joyfully anticipating our Preschool Christmas concert on Thursday December 13th at 10:00 a.m. in the Gathering Hall. Parents, grandparents and friends are invited to attend. If you have older siblings in the school they may be excused for the concert but please send Mrs. Wong a note ahead of time.
On December 18th we will gather in the church for our K-8th grade Christmas concert which promises to be an uplifting evening.

Please keep the 8th grade class, teachers and chaperones in your prayers as we make our traditional trip to New York City on December 12th. We are grateful to Monsignor Bob for arranging this special day every year. It is a memorable experience for our 8th graders and one for our younger students to anticipate as they travel through their years at St. Rose School.

Next Friday, December 14th, there will be a prayer service with Monsignor for Grades 6-8 in the Gathering Hall instead of a school wide mass. We realize that this is a difficult day for our community so it is important that we honor the day reverently and appropriately for each age level, as well as ensure the safety of our students. May God's peace and comfort be with us all.

I wish you a relaxing weekend filled with family, friends and festivities of the Christmas season.

God Bless.

Mr. Bardhyl Gjoka
The spirit of Christmas is infusing the hallways and classrooms! Students are decorating Christmas trees, making special deliveries of prayers and candy canes, creating kindness chains and filling the air with melodious sounds of music in preparation for Friday masses and the upcoming Christmas concerts. It is in giving that we receive!


Our mission of kindness has really settled in to the hearts of St. Rose School students. It is a joy to witness our children's minds growing and hearts expanding as they travel their daily learning journey. They light up our school and bring hope to the world!


St. Rose School Homerooms are adopting families for Christmas. Your kindness and generosity will brighten the lives of many families who may be dealing with difficult times. Stay tuned for details from your room parents. Thank you!


Student Ambassadors spread Advent spirit through the halls and classrooms this week. They packed candy canes and special prayers and delivered them to every classroom on the Feast of St. Nicholas.

Student Council is selling candy grams this week for $1 and they will be delivered to classrooms 12/20. NJHS will be selling singing Christmas telegrams for $2 and will be going to classrooms during the week of 12/17.

These are special days to prepare for Christ's coming. As a school we will do something each day in anticipation of the blessed event and to emphasize the true meaning of the season.


Dodgeball, Grades 4-8, Fridays 1/11, 1/18/1/25 and 2/1. Deadline for sign up 1/4. Click here for details.

Art Smart Christmas Crafting Extravaganza,
December 13th, 4-4:30 p.m. Click here for details.

December 12th, 8th grade trip to New York City

December 13th , Preschool Christmas Concert, 10:00 a.m.

December 14th, Prayer service for 6-8th graders in Gathering Hall (no school mass this day)

December 15th, Live Nativity outside at St. Rose Church. Looking for participants. Click here for details.

December 18th , K-8th Christmas Concert, 6:00-8:00 p.m.

December 20th -- Adopt A Family gifts due in classrooms.

December 21st -- 9:00 a.m. Mass followed by Buddy Christmas Bingo

December 25th -- Happy BIrthday Jesus! Merry Christmas!

January 1st - - Happy New Year!

January 27th - - 1:00-3:00 p.m. -- OPEN HOUSE! Spread the word!

Click here for information about upcoming performance of The Messiah

Dear Friends:

We hope you are all enjoying a beautiful Advent season.

We are happy to report that the Yankee Candle fundraiser made $2,000 for our school this year! Thank you to all who participated!

Please encourage your family and friends to stop by our Scrip table after Mass this weekend to purchase gift cards! This event last year raised so many funds for our school and didn't cost anyone an extra penny! We will have parent volunteers before and after each Mass so please bring your checkbooks!   Thank you to Amanda Brennan and the Scrip team for all their hard work preparing for this big weekend event.

We wish you a peaceful second week of Advent,

Your HSA

P.S. If you do not have a Scrip account yet, please go to shop.shopwithscrip.com to register. It is so easy! Our school enrollment code is L4FCBD8C9533.

Questions? Suggestions? Email hsa@srles.com

Please come to as many games as you can during the season and show your school spirit. GO RAMS!

Upcoming Games:

Monday, December 10th at St. Rose 
6:00PM VG vs Faith Prep
7:30PM VB vs Faith Prep

Girls Varsity Schedule:

Boys Varsity Schedule:

Boys JV Schedule:

Please contact John Moulder at  athletics@stroseschool.com with questions.
We appreciate your support!
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