Guest Speaker Chef Dawn from Back to Roots Kitchen

"Weight Loss Snacks To Go"

10 Weight Loss Snack Ideas to Save You Time

Date:  Tuesday May 14 (evening)

Part of the Inner Fit 42 Day Weight Loss Challenge Kick-Off Event at Inner Fit Studios

About the Workshop Session ...

Choosing a  delicious and satisfying snack  can be super challenging especially with all the other added life stressors like hectic schedules and lack of time. 

In this talk,  Dawn will share some essential tips for choosing the perfect simple healthy snacks  and how to  easily prep  them to travel with you wherever the day takes you. 

Not only will  these snacks save time , but they will also  provide the energy you need to power you through your day . Plus receive a “snacking survival guide” that will  help you avoid grabbing those tempting snacks  from the convenience store, vending machine or wherever you go to find food to simply survive the day.

Dawn will also be sharing some of her top healthy snacking tips including:

  • The formula to building a healthy and balanced snack
  • What to be aware of and avoid when choosing your snacks
  • Snacks to go easy on and alternatives when you're trying to release the stubborn weight
  • Snack Planning & Prep for success
  • A lifestyle tips to help release the weight naturally.

PLUS you will receive the Back to Roots Kitchen snacking survival guide: 20 Simple Satisfying Snacks to Save You Time

A Few of the Many Delicious Whole Food Based Recipes Dawn has Created
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