Welcome Back - 2020-2021
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Dear Parents,
Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! Our staff recently read an article that included an analogy that we are trying to master living in permanent whitewater. It can be turbulent but also exhilarating. There are continuous rapids to navigate, but those of who have been whitewater rafting know it can be the ride of our lives. We are negotiating our rapids together, and we are exhilarated and excited to see your children next week. While not the beginning we were hoping to have this year, we share with you our love and appreciation to all our families for continuing to support Park Maitland and our amazing faculty and staff.
Even in COVID times, we are still assigning classes and therefore we wish to share this important reminder and make the following request:
One of the most exciting things that happens each school year is that the students have the opportunity to meet new teachers and make new friends. This important part of school allows children to gain confidence and new skills. As parents, you want to do everything possible to help your children achieve in school and in life. One thing you can do to teach them confidence, perseverance, and "grit" is to give them opportunities to accept and adapt to change, make new friends, and handle little "bumps" in the road. 
Please remember, our teachers and administrators use their best professional judgment in creating the class groupings for the upcoming year. Especially this year, keeping in mind Hybrid groups, physical distancing, and planning where our Online Academy students will return has made grouping even more complex than ever before. We know the students very well, not only as individuals but also as learners. Each child's "style of learning" is of paramount importance. Experiences of learning to adapt, synergize, and be with a new group of friends are vitally important life skills. We respectfully ask that you not request any class change after receiving your child's placement after the "Meet and Greet" event. (The only possibility of a change would be if there is a very serious problem, of which we may be unaware, that might affect a child's school performance.) Careful consideration is given to the placement of each child for the beginning of the school term. When parents allow their children these experiences, they are telling them that they have confidence in them to adapt and learn to make friends on their own. These experiences will give them the important tools that they need to grow into strong and capable young people.
We also want to send a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has expressed their well-wishes for Mrs. Moon. We will miss her as we begin our 52nd year, but please know that our entire team is available, and we have every confidence in our ability to make this year a positively memorable experience for each and every Park Maitland student, whether at school or as part of Park Maitland’s Online Academy.
We thank you for working with us to help create the best experiences to help your child thrive! We are excited, once again, to welcome you to the school year--"empathy 2.0!"
Very Warmly,
Mrs. Spillmann
Interim Head of School
August 24: First Day of School for Hybrid A; First Day of School for Online Academy
August 25: First Day of School for Hybrid B
September 1: Empathy T-Shirt Day
September 7: Labor Day - No School
September 8: Students Begin Full Time on Campus
September 14: Grade 2 Virtual Parent Night
September 15: Grade 6 Virtual Parent Night; Dot Day
September 16: Grade 1 Virtual Parent Night
September 17: Grade 3 Virtual Parent Night
September 18: Grade 6 Virtual Parent Night
September 21: K-5 Virtual Parent Night; International Day of Peace
September 22: Grade 4 Virtual Parent Night; School Pictures
September 23: K-4 Virtual Parent Night; School Pictures
September 24: Grade 5 Virtual Parent Night; Fall Writing Day
September 25: K-5 Johnny Appleseed Day
Back to School - New Safety Procedures

Enjoy this Back to School video, featuring some familiar faces, that explains what to expect when returning to campus next week!
Park Maitland Re-Entry Plan
Our number one goal is to keep Park Maitland families healthy. Want to read more about the steps we are taking? Click here.

Mask Guidelines

Recent studies have revealed differences in the effectiveness of different types of masks in the prevention of spreading germs and viral particles. In response to this current research, Park Maitland is adjusting our mask policy for the start of the 2020/2021 school year. 

Masks need to be multi-layered and made of non-synthetic fibers such as cotton. Neck gaiters or masks made from fleece materials are no longer considered effective and should not be worn at school. 

The CDC recommends all people 2 years of age and older wear a mask in public settings and when around people who don’t live in your household, especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. In the absence of any local mandates and little guidelines, it has been our policy to follow CDC guidelines.

Parents are asked to provide masks for K-4 and K-5 students based on new CDC guidelines. Our teachers have lessons, activities, and games planned to develop this important skill in our youngest learners and will help them develop this safety habit.

1st - 6th grade students wear masks while indoors with frequent outdoor mask breaks. During physical activity outside and when breaks are needed, students can remove masks outdoors
Please be patient! Our amazing technology team has been working around the clock to ensure a smooth start to the school year. However, there is always a chance that a technology problem arises that is out of our control...especially during the first few days! Please be patient as we synergize to work out the kinks!
Staff Movement

Ms. Jane Brannon: After 37 years at Park Maitland School, Ms. Brannon is moving over to the preschool! We are so thrilled that she will be bringing both her professionalism and heart to support the new Park Maitland Preschool.

There will be no catered lunch offered until further notice.

If your child forgets their lunch, they will be provided with a combination of healthy snacks.
Monday, September 14th: Grade 2
Tuesday, September 15th: Grade 6
Wednesday, September 16th: Grade 1
Thursday, September 17th: Grade 3
Monday, September 21st: K-5
Tuesday, September 22nd: Grade 4
Wednesday, September 23rd: K-4
Thursday, September 24th: Grade 5
Please click here for arrival/dismissal times and the bell schedule.

During the first few weeks of school, carpool may take a little longer than usual as our surrounding neighbors and all of our families adjust to our carpool routines. You can do a few things to help us make the process safe and more efficient. Please keep in mind, carpool rules are in place to prevent confusion (makes parents happy), to assist the city's flow of traffic (makes the policemen happy), and to keep the children safe (makes everyone happy). 

* At drop off, students should have their bags close by, seat unbuckled, and ready to "jump out" when an "arrival specialist" opens the door! Being prepared really does make a difference! 

* At pick up, be sure to display the Park Maitland issued yellow carpool tag with your child's name or carpool animal throughout the entire carpool line - from entering campus to exiting at the gates! This is a very important step in ensuring your child's safety! The yellow sign tells us the person in the car is authorized to pick up the child whose last name appears on the sign, and it helps us get to know parents and drivers by associating names with cars and faces! 

* NEVER EVER use your cell phone during carpool or any time you are driving on campus! 

Backpack Basics from Nurse Chouljian

Used correctly, backpacks are a valuable back to school item for carrying supplies needed for a typical school day. They are designed to distribute the weight of the load among some of the body’s strongest muscles. However, backpacks that are too heavy or carried incorrectly can injure muscles or joints and contribute to back pain and other problems.
  • Carrying too much weight or wearing a backpack incorrectly can lead to muscle fatigue, poor posture, pain in the shoulders, back and neck, and potential injuries from tripping and falling.

Please share with your children the proper way to wear a backpack:

  • Facing the backpack, bend at your knees, hold the backpack with both hands, and straighten your knees to lift it to waist height.
  • Apply one shoulder strap at a time.
  • Be sure to always use both shoulder straps.
  • Snugly adjust it between your neck and the curve of your lower back using the shoulder straps (the closer the backpack is to your body, the less strain it will cause).

When loading the backpack:

  • Keep it light and pack only what you need for the day.
  • Place the heaviest objects so they will be closest to your back.
  • Use compartments to distribute the weight and keep things from sliding.
  • Hand-carry heavy books to avoid excessive weight on your back.

If the backpack forces the wearer to lean forward, it is overloaded and some items should be removed. If the backpack weighs more than 15 percent of the carrier’s weight, it is too heavy. To determine the proper weight for a backpack, you can multiply the user’s body weight by 0.15. For heavier loads, a backpack with wheels is a good solution.

I look forward to a fun, safe, and healthy school year!

Nurse Chouljian

We are so proud to announce that our first WOW of the year goes to 5th grader, Chase C. A natural leader, he has been helping our staff to get things done at school while he is on campus with his mother, 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Fondo.

Kudos to you, Chase! 

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