What Our Church is Doing...
An Action Team of the First Congregational Church is collecting items for CCA’s “New Hope” Supportive Housing Program, which includes 18 apartments for families emerging from, or at risk of, homelessness. This exciting pilot is based on a “Move to Work” model, where families work with a team of specialists to meet their housing and work goals. The apartments will open this Spring.
What You can Do to Help...
The “Welcome Home” kit items are listed below and include dishes, cooking utensils, towels, toilet paper, cleaners, pillows, blankets and sheets, trash bags, etc. 

It would be a great help if you could drop your donation off on the church steps in a laundry basket or trash can! We will be delivering the items to New Haven on Saturday. 

If you are unable to bring your donations on Saturday, we will collect them on Sunday May 16 after church, in the parking lot.

Thank you for taking part in this important and hopeful project to assist our neighbors.
What is CCA?
"Christian Community Action
is an ecumenical social service organization that expresses faithful witness by providing help, housing and hope to those in need in New Haven." 

The First Congregational Church has assisted CCA in the past with turkey and Christmas gift collections. Our newly formed Action Team plans to expand this relationship with advocacy and hands-on assistance efforts.