JUNE 2019
Welcome to YOUR WSSU Experience
Are you hyped to fully embrace the WSSU experience? We are ready to welcome you with open arms. This issue gives you a feel for life on campus including the layout, directions, support systems, and safety that will make your college experience fun, secure, and exciting.  
Find Your Way Around Campus - Online!
The  WSSU online map gives you a detailed overview of WSSU. You can:
  • Learn more about where your classes will be: Click on the “Locations” button on the bottom left to get full descriptions of all buildings. 

  • Campus Features: Select the “Layers” button on the bottom left for detailed information about parking, campus dining, shuttle routes, and emergency call box locations.

  • Get walking directions: Click on the red “Maps” button on the top left. Select “Regional Maps” to get Google maps directions around campus.
Legacy Leaders
Your  Legacy Leader  is an upper-class student who will help you acclimate to  campus life  and provide an insider’s view of the diverse academic, intellectual, and social culture of WSSU. Legacy Leaders will contact you before  RAMDITION , greet you when you check in at your residence hall, and escort you to all of your RAMDITION sessions.  
Check Out Your
Residence Hall Resources
Access your  Resident Resources  to find out: “What to Bring and What Not to Bring" when you move into your residence hall, laundry services, mail, and your Residents Bill of Rights. 
Campus Safety
WSSU Campus Police  are dedicated to providing a safe and secure campus for everyone. You’ll get to know WSSU officers personally during RAMDITION Trust Talks, social events, and  campus safety events  throughout the year. Check out  Safe@WSSU  which is a one-stop-shop for safety information and the  Police and Public Safety  website to find out about programs and services available to you.