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                                          "Wellness Program"

Does your wellness program include Selwood? Whether a day on the course with friends and family or that special day afield, or just kicking back on the porch and soaking it all in.... Selwood should be a part of everyone's wellness program. The smell of gunpowder and southern air is sure to make your blood pressure drop. We are booking hunts for the upcoming quail season. Please call our office or email to book your meeting or special event.

Shooters tip of the month.... two types of targets
for your next round try breaking down each target into two categories.... crossing shots and quartering shots..... remember the job of the target setter is to fool your eyes...
learn to shoot these and you will find much success on clays and live birds

Remember to contact our office for your private or group shooting lessons
 A word from Dell.......
some interesting statistics related to firearms:

1) Firearms are involved in only .39% of all unintentional fatalities in the US. Poisoning is 29.8%, Motor vehicles is 25.9% and Machinery is .5%
2) A person participating in tennis, golf, water skiing or bowling all are more injury prone than hunting
3) A person is 30 times more likely to be injured cheerleading than hunting
4) Hunting and shooting sports are one of the safest activities in America!
5) Come join us at Selwood for this great activity
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Come see us at Selwood and Have a Blast!

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