The Spiritual energy of the Earth
Living in Sedona, I would say the #1 most F.A.Q.  is always about the Vortex energies here.  I have loved sharing the sacred vortex energies in my Vortex Tours - there is nothing better than sharing what you love with others! I thought I would answer that question, today :
"What are the Sedona Vortex energies?"

There are many different ways to approach this question.  In simple terms, the Vortex sites are areas of increased Earth Ki (life force energy).   This increase of Ki can be felt or experienced in many ways - tingling, feelings of peace, energization, relaxation, electricity, intensity, etc.  Each person will experience this flow of energy in a different way, depending on their natural sensitivity to energy, openness to receive, and personal understanding.
I remember when I began to visit Sedona, I had a hard time sleeping because the energy was so intense, everywhere! 

Some Vortex sites are created where flows of energy meet, much like differing air currents or ocean currents, creates a spinning.  

Many who visit, are able to tap into the inter-dimensional flows of energy at the Vortex sites and receive healing, go on a spontaneous Shamanic journey or Astral Travel, and have unparalleled Meditation experiences.  
This increase in Ki energy flowing into the body, makes it easier to transcend personal blockages, or achieve altered states of Consciousness very quickly.

Experiencing a Vortex site, is an opportunity to connect with the Spiritual energy of the Earth.  Much like we can tune in, to perceive our higher self, these sites are places where it is easier to perceive the Spiritual body of the Earth.

The intensity of the Vortex sites in Sedona are due to the strong intersections of energy flowing through the area, amplified by the healing composition of our geologic formations.

Many of the Juniper trees show a unique pattern of growing in a twisting, curled pattern in their trunks and branches near a Vortex site!

There are 4 traditional vortex sites: Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon, Airport Mesa - as well as several others.
Each site has its own powerful energy flow with a unique frequency.  It is worth taking the time, when you visit to connect with each one!

Many Blessings & Light, 
Christina Wooten

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