August 14, 2017 --  "What is your Red Dragon?"

           "Everybody needs one"
Have you ever become overburden with work, school, kids, or just the busyness of life? Have you ever stopped and looked around and wondered what are you really doing to make life more enjoyable? What can you look forward to everyday that gives you peace and good feeling just for yourself?  I think, everyone needs their own RED Dragon!

         "My Red Dragon"
I am at the stage of my life that I am looking for my Red Dragon. With our kids busy with their kids, and us trying to make as many of the events our grandchildren are in, along with business, it is difficult to find time for ourselves.  I was searching for a way to have that time. I have always loved convertibles,usually rent them on vacation, and knew I would enjoy driving one at every chance. One day I was driving past a car dealership when this red mustang convertible called to me from the car lot. I had to stop. It was a perfect fit from the first moment I sat in it. We are now inseparable. I enjoy waxing it and keeping it sharp, and love driving it, which I do everyday in the summer time, and anticipate doing each winter. My grandchildren call it the "Red Dragon." One of my Red Dragons.

         "What is your Red Dragon?"
A Red Dragon can be just about anything. It is finding that legal something that gives you joy, or peace, or fulfillment in some way. From regular alone time with a close family member or friend, to a nice glass of wine and a good book, to a red convertible. When involved in a family business, it is not always easy to take the regular "Red Dragon" time we all need. The real roadblock to quality "Red Dragon" time is our procrastination. Our putting it off because we are too busy to find any time for ourselves. When we fall into this routine, we ultimately hurt our relationships with our family, because we don't give them the attention they deserve. We are not as relaxed as we should be and because of this we treat them differently. The same thing takes place in the family business. The failure to find our way to personal peace, personal joy, our own "Red Dragon," impacts a lot more than just us. I have a number of Red Dragons, the mustang is just one. I am always searching for another, for whatever may give me additional p eace and fulfillment. I believe that we can never have a enough red dragons in our lives. I am finding that half the fun is in the discovery. So keep searching, for your red dragon just may come when you least expect it and you will be happy it did.
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