September trends were on track, with increased inventory and a softening in sales as is expected this time of year.

Inventory is up 14.3% from last month. Typically, MSI* of 6 months+ indicates an excess of homes for sale, aka., a Buyer's Market. While we are trending in that direction we are not there yet. This additional inventory combined with historically low interest rates , provides excellent opportunities for buyers in our changing market.

Sales are down 12.9% from last month but this decline is to be expected as the holiday season nears.

We continue to see homes appreciating in value , albeit at a slower pace than the frenzied climb of the recent past. Presently, appreciation in home value for 2019 is 3.6%.

This slowdown is considered a correction of a heretofore overheated market . All indicators reveal a balanced market performing at a much healthier pace for people to make prudent decisions. Roughly 95% of economists are predicting a mild recession in 2020, to have little or no effect on the real estate market.

* Months Supply of Inventory

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