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April 3, 4 & 5
Your Buzz Around is excited to offer this exclusive weekly column with Paul Engle, Director of Brockton Public Library.
Prior to Brockton, Paul was the Director of Library Services at Berklee College of Music. An accomplished professional musician as well as librarian, Paul brings to the Brockton Area a unique view on library services; he is "passionate about diverse cultures sharing ideas, free and open access to information, libraries as a space for sharing artistic, scientific and cultural ideas, and promoting life-long learning skills." So, sit back and relax as Paul introduces us to the beginnings of the blues. ~ Jacquie
So We’re in a Global Pandemic – Get to Church

In case you were wondering if librarians have a sense of humor, I present to you the following: I was attending a library conference in Louisville a few years back. During a lunch break I was standing outside with a group of fellow librarians. I noticed that across the street from us there were two buildings facing one another – a church, and a strip club. I turned to the group and said something like “ain’t that the way of the world, repent – sin, repent – sin.” A fellow librarian looked at me funny and replied, “you’ve got it all wrong; you’re thinking like a librarian and alphabetizing, its sin – repent, sin – repent.”

Well there you have it; we don’t have a sense of humor.

Last week we looked at a list of essential country blues recordings. This week I would like to present to a list of essential gospel recordings. Like the blues, gospel music is a cornerstone of American music. Think of all the artists that you know who came up through the church, the list you’ll come up with transcends all perceived musical styles, as well as racial, ethnic, class, and gender categories. Alright now, let’s get our minds off the pandemic, let’s get to church.

Track 1, The Standard Quartet “Keep Movin’”: perhaps the earliest recorded example of the African-American gospel quartet tradition, recorded in 1894.

Track 17, Reverend R.C. Crenshaw “I wonder Will We Ever Meet Again”: this preacher’s style pre-dates the hard gospel style that eventually gave rise to the early R&B and soul styles of the 1950’s and 1960”s. Listen to the almost improvised non-specific harmonies of the congregation.

Track 17, Elder I.D. Beck “Sermon and Lining Hymn”: this white preacher’s style shows striking similarities to the African-American preaching style as well as the hymn style of the congregation.

4) Southern Journey Vol. 4: Brethren, We Meet Again Riddle
Track 17, Almeda Riddle “I am a Poor Wayfaring Stranger”: demonstrates a stunning example of solo gospel singing from this great Ozark Mountain ballad singer; track 1, the Alabama Sacred Harp Singers “Sardinia”: is a lively example of the southern shape note style of choral singing, note the strong country flavor.

Track 5, the Middle Georgia Singing Convention “This Song of Love”: this example of early African-American Jubilee style quartet singing displays a non-syncopated rhythmic concept not unlike the shape note singing.

The first five selections of this collection show the instrumental and vocal prowess of this highly influential African-American gospel singer-guitarist.
Great Ideas:

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Kids Resources:

Check your local library website for their innovative programs.
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Bridgewater - Parks & Trails Where are the trails in Bridgewater, you may ask? Here is a poster showing the many places in your town you can take a leisurely walk. Just remember to keep your distance from fellow strollers.

Bridgewater - Meditation for Deep Sleep Sun, April 5, 6 - 7p. Many of us experience either the Sunday blues or anxiety getting ready for yet another week - especially these days where our routine has been interrupted. In this virtual session, we will make the time to discover our true needs, contemplate what a new routine may look like, and to practice a meditation that is known to help deepen our sleep to allow our nerves to regenerate. This free meditation class will be hosted via Zoom - I will be in live video form as I guide the class through a meditation practice. You may join with or without a video option.

Brockton - Digital Art Archive Fuller Craft Museum. This Digital Archive is a window into the Fuller Craft Permanent Collection. With a few clicks you can access images and information about a vast selection of craft works from the collection. Search by artist/maker, title, media, and more. Browse specific categories and perform advanced searches with key words or phrases.
Boston - Boston Family & Kids Events Fun things to do. Many events online.

Duxbury - CoRUNation Virtual Race Sat, April 4. Hosted by South Shore Race Management. Use this time of social distancing to help others. Join us virtually for a run of any distance of your choosing and raise money for those that are most affected by this unprecedented time of events. There are no medals, or t-shirts, just the knowledge that you are helping others and staying healthy. There is no charge for this event but donations are welcome because like everything we do......this is a fundraiser. YOU DO HAVE TO BE REGISTERED TO PARTICIPATE! Donations will go to local families who are taking a financial hit during this time due to work and child care restrictions. We will be providing assistance to several families with Walmart cards, gas cards, pharmacy gift cards and more. We will be working with local organizations that provide assistance to those in need to help identify the families and provide them with some help.

Halifax - Audio books Holmes Public Library. Enjoy your favorite audio books in the mobile app or on your computer. Our desktop app supports transfer to a variety of devices.
Pembroke - 24/7 access Pembroke Public Library. eBooks, audio books, movies, language courses, access to Boston Public Library, & music.
Plymouth - Plimouth Plantation Virtual Field Trip Take a virtual trip and learn about a 17th-Century English Village and Wampanoag Homesite. Also find an award-winning interactive web activity with this link.

Raynham - Local Trails Hewitts Pond Conservation Area – North Main St: Pond, trail, dam, bird watching (No hunting is allowed at the Hewitt Pond Conservation Area located on North Main St or the Kransberg Conservation Area located on King St at Dam Lot Brook.). Forge River Conservation Area – South Main St: River, forest trail, historical site, bird watching. Raynham State Forest – Locust St: Upland forest, trail.
Heads up! Buzz Around Short Story Contest is coming your way this month! Stay tuned for details. We'll bee giving away (4) $75 prizes. Stories need to be 1000 words or less. Non-fiction about a person, people or an event related to Bridgewater, Brockton, East Bridgewater, Halifax, Raynham, West Bridgewater or Whitman.
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The Children's Museum in Easton daily #socialdistancelearning challenge
can be completed at home with everyday materials, If your child gives one of our activities a try, tag us on social media and use the hashtag #socialdistancelearning and we will share your child's project!

Today's Project: Butter Maker

1. Pour cold heavy whipping cream into a mason jar with a lid. Make sure you fill the jar only halfway so there’s plenty of room to shake the cream.

2. Drop a few clean marbles into the jar. If you don’t have any marbles, don’t worry. This activity can be done strictly with arm power (although it will take a bit longer).

3. Secure the lid and begin shaking. This step may take upwards of 15 minutes depending on how pasteurized the cream is, the number of marbles, and arm strength. This is a good time to get more helpers involved!

4. About halfway through the process, you’ll hear a difference in the shaking sound. Open the lid to see how the butter is beginning to form. The buttermilk will have begun to separate. Add a pinch of salt, secure the lid, and continue shaking.

5. Once you feel as though a solid mass has formed in the jar, open the lid and use a strainer to separate the butter from the buttermilk. The butter can be transferred to a container and stored up to 3 days in the refrigerator – if it will even last that long!
Bake some muffins so you can enjoy this tasty treat right away!
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Keep Your Pets Safe in a Disaster

A safe home, a regular routine, a soft bed - the things that bring you comfort bring your pet comfort, too. Which is why it's so important to give some advance thought to how you'd handle your pet responsibilities during and after a disastrous...

Read more
Sharon - Navigating the Financial Crisis During COVID - 19 Sun, April 5, noon - 1p. Hosted by Islamic Center of New England. ICNE VIRTUAL PROGRAMS. AS-SALAM-ALAIKUM. Please join us this Sunday as we explore tips to overcome financial anxiety & turning crisis into opportunity.

Taunton - Old Colony History Museum Virtual Tour 66 Church Green. Thanks to TCAM TV, if you can’t join us in person enjoy a walking tour of some of Taunton’s oldest homes and buildings hosted by the OCHM’s Community Programming Coordinator Saria Sweeney. Check out our blog

Taunton - Local Parks Links to parks in your area. Hopewell Park, Playground & Splash Pad ;

West Bridgewater - Free Childrens Books WB Public Library. Friends of the Library donated books for children for the public. A cart will be outside of the library. Please be considerate of how many books you take, a limit of 5 would be appreciated.
West Bridgewater - Free Public WiFi WB Public Library. Access right out side the library even when they are closed. Network: WB-Library-Guest, Password: hoWard80

West Bridgewater - Old Bridgewater Historical Society Lectures You can check out some of our fantastic lectures on YouTube! The Memorial Building is closed.

West Bridgewater - Conservation Area Trail Maps Wondering where you can walk and keep your distance while staying close to home? Enjoy some of our towns open spaces while getting some much needed exercise and fresh air. 

Whitman - Libby by Overdrive Whitman Public Library. Access to thousands of eBooks and audio books. You can borrow them, instantly, for free, using just the device in your hand.

Whitman - Digital Magazines Whitman Public Library. Download a wide range of magazines including areas such as sports, entertainment, travel, business, & more. iPad®, iPhone®, Kindle Fire, and Android® compatibility.
Mindful Breathing to Destress and Build your Immune System from Bliss Through Yoga

Ujjayi Pranayama is a breathing technique which will strengthen your immune system while relaxing your mind, body and spirit. In times of stress, it is recommended to practice this for 20 minutes, twice a day. To try: Sit or lie comfortably and notice your breath. As your breath moves in, your breathing areas naturally expand, and as your breath moves out your breathing areas soften and sink back. Now exaggerate the sound of your breath by gently narrowing your throat. Simply use your throat muscles to do this. You can find them by gently clearing your throat. They are the same muscles you would use to fog up a mirror. Now listen to the sound of your breath as it moves. Allow it to ease and slow and become more internal. If your mind wanders, no worries, just return to the sound, once more. Let your breath be easy, just add sound. Your throat muscles are only and inch from your inner ears, listen with your inner ears. The sound of your breath is the most important part of this breathing practice, simply focus on the sound of your breath as you relax your body and mind.
Wildlands Trust works throughout Southeastern Massachusetts to conserve and permanently protect native habitats, farmland, and lands of high ecological and scenic value that serve to keep our communities healthy and our residents connected to the natural world. We envision a future where open land is abundant, our water is clean, and forests, farms, wetlands, fields, ponds and coastal areas are commonplace sightings on our landscape. One of the tremendous benefits of land conservation is public access for people of all ages and physical abilities. Many of the lands protected by Wildlands Trust are maintained as "preserves" with beautiful walking trails. With trails in Bridgewater, Brockton, Duxbury, Halifax, Kingston, Marshfield, Pembroke, Plymouth, Rochester and Wareham, you don't need to go far to reconnect with nature. To find a trail near you visit our website.