Represent Recovery Video Series:
Saki Cabrera
The mental heath professor honors her late uncle by sharing his journey living with schizophrenia and recalling his special place in the family .
Professor of Psychology Dr. Saki Cabrera tells the story of the special place in the family held by her late uncle with schizophrenia. She discusses how mental health disparities affect the Latino/a/x community, including language barriers for peers and family members for which English is their second language.
Represent Recovery Initiative
Our Represent Recovery Initiative calls for a shift in the way we view mental health in diverse cultural communities. It aims to serve members of underrepresented communities while centering their voices in the overall mental health movement. Visibility and representation matter both in mental health treatment and mental health awareness activism.
Our Latino community page includes resources and perspectives of Latino/a/x individuals and families affected by mental illness.
Stay connected as we roll out resource pages for various underrepresented communities.
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NAMI California is committed to addressing barriers to accessing mental health care in underserved communities. We work in partnership with diverse communities to provide mental health education and peer support that is culturally relevant and appropriate. We advocate for policy change to increase access to mental health care and end the stigma surrounding mental illness. Join us by following and sharing our blog to bring awareness to the mental health needs and stories of underrepresented communities.
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