Cup of Empowerment
December 17, 2018
It feels so good to sit back,  catch our breath and  savor a cup of empowerment   fro God's Word



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"Where's Your Bounce?"
Dr. CarolMarie

"We get to go to Meme's house!"  I had just moved to Knoxville and I was enjoying three little grandsons I had not been able to spend time with before.  Jordan was eight, Samuel was turning four and little Solomon was our preemie miracle baby!  I had a Livingroom downstairs with two couches that were set together in an "L" shape. As the little feet of the two older ones came down the stairs, I could feel the excitement in the air!  My friend Peggy had a re-bounder exerciser that looked like a miniature trampoline.  She let me use it and it was parked right behind the couches!  As the boys came down the stairs they would jump on the "trampoline" and bounce onto the couches!  What fun! We would laugh, and I was always amazed to see how good they were!  Solomon would help me supervise when I had the opportunity to keep him.  Later I would pull off the pillows from the couches and position them like walls and a roof and with the help of blankets, we would make a "fort" to dwell in.  It was our special "habitation"!

I miss those days where going to Meme's was a highlight in their week!  Now Jordan is married looking forward to a little one of his own next May!  Samuel is in YWAM preparing for mission work to lead others into the joy of knowing the Lord through his gift in sports.   Solomon loves and enjoys basketball where he is still watching the "bounce"!
Making a fun habitation for my grandsons to dwell was especially important for me! These boys filled an empty place in my heart with their bounce after Sonny made his new dwelling place in Heaven.

What dwelling place do you have?  We are in the new Hebraic month of Tevet that represents the Beth El Gate.  Each of the twelve months has a "gate" or region that holds special insights for us.  The gate also represents a region in Israel and countries for which we are to pray. The nations included in this gate are Kazakhstan (that has more than 120 nationalities), Uzbekistan; Central Asia,   Iran, and Iraq.  Each has high Islam influence and strong opposition against Israel.  Let's pray that they find a habitation in the Lord Jesus Christ as He makes His love known to them! 

Beth El means "House of God" and was a center for worship for good and bad. You'll find during this month there is an anointing to know God and a quest to find Him in a special way.  Abraham built an altar in Beth El and called on the name of the Lord and set up a pillar and re-visited there. (Gen 12:8; 13:3) Jacob's encounter seeing the ladder to Heaven was in Beth El (Gen 28:10-22). He re-visited and built an altar there (Gen 35:1-15).  Abraham and Lot surveyed the land from here.  In Joshua's time, it formed a boundary between Benjamin and Ephraim (Joshua 18:13).  It was a worship center in the time of the Judges (Judges 20:18).  Both Samuel and Deborah judged from Beth El.  The ark was kept here before it was moved to Shiloh.  Many have fallen into sin and false religions too in Beth El.  Jeroboam (ruler over 10 northern tribes) set up golden calves at Beth El.  He also set up a non-Levitical priesthood and a new calendar of his own creation (1 Kings 12:26-33) to stop the people from traveling to Jerusalem to worship.  Idolatry was strong in Beth El during Amos and Hosea's time (Amos 4:4, 5:5; Hosea 4:15, 5:8, 10:8).  Compromise and rebellion were prevalent resulting in captivity (2 Kings 17:24-33). During this month we have anointing to move into greater revelation and intimacy with God.  But it is also a time to guard your heart as to not fall into counterfeits or compromise.

Most importantly, the "House of God" needs to be in our hearts!  We need the "bounce" and the excitement of my grandsons as we approach special times with Him daily!  It's even better than going to Meme's house! There's a "habitation" for which our spirit longs and this is the season to find it!
To help you enter special times with the Lord, with every CD or DVD ordered we will send you another from our collection at to compliment it, free of charge (through the first week of January!)  We desire to help you find your bounce!

Be sure to read the Torah portions below that Jesus read during this time in history!  There is always something that relates to us in our place in history now!  That's so amazing to me!

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