September 2019
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The Art with a Heart engaged in a fun and adventurous staff retreat at Pearlstone Center. The group enjoyed the three story high ropes course along with the 30 foot quick jump and bonded over a pickling activity. A facilitated discussion in the afternoon allowed the team to solidifying their commitment to each other, Art with a Heart and the communities served by the organization. 

Where Focus Goes, Energy Flowsfocus

Art with a Heart is committed to providing its teachers with monthly professional development workshops. This month's PD reinforced the efficient use of class time, an overview of the 21st Century Skills, Artist Habits of Mind, and Social and Emotional Learning practices. The group also worked on strengthening their skills of scaffolding their lessons, adapting lessons to be more inclusive and identifying the appropriate Maryland State Fine Arts Standards in order to differentiate lessons based on the students' skill levels.
It's Not the End...It's the Beginning! AOLGraduation

Art with a Heart's Art of Leadership Program proudly celebrated the graduation of its 4th cohort of leadership students! The community of students from 16 different public and independent schools were joined by their families and friends for a student-led ceremony. This inspiring, connected and passionate group learned and accomplished so much together and we know they will continue to do great things for the community, as a community. 

Here's Looking at (and Drawing) You, Kid!Practicekid

Student artists in Art with a Heart classes in pre K, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades at  Harford Heights Elementary School  received an introduction to creating portraits. Each group of students learned about the elements of the face and enjoyed working with classmates to observe and trace their facial elements. The subsequent lessons involve experimenting with proportion and the creation of self-portraits. 
Graffiti-inspired Fluid Paintings Graffiti

Students in the Art with a Heart class at Weinberg Housing and Resource Center learned about Baltimore-born artist Shinique Smith  and how her history as a graffiti artist inspired her vibrant artwork. Starting with fluid and gestural line paintings, students then filled in their compositions with bright colors. Each piece embodies the movement and energy seen in Smith's work.
Soaring Over The City MaryRodman

Art with a Heart students at   Mary E. Rodman Elementary School  are welcomed to art through mindfulness and meditation (pre-k students pictured below). In the 4th and 5th grade, students read the book, Wings  and created a collage inspired by the story and illustrations. Students practiced scissor skills to create silhouetted figures with wings flying over the city's landscape and were encouraged to let their spirits soar.     
Students Create R eversible,  Moveable Mural! Hazelwood

Students at Hazelwood Elementary/Middle School enthusiastically designed and created a reversible, moveable mural! Students selected the inspirations including prehistoric paintings and creative constellations. The hinged panels will be scattered throughout the school's library to create reading nooks for all students to enjoy.   

A Bright "Welcome Back" at The Mount Royal SchoolMtRoyal

Students returning to  were welcomed back by a finished mural on their community garden fence! Twenty students in kindergarten through 2nd grade created nature inspired ceramic sculptures. The ceramic pieces now embellish the painted mural and hang as wind chimes throughout the garden. The mural on the fence was collaboratively designed and painted by Art with a Heart and Mt. Royal students in the 4th through 8th grade.
Thank you! ThankYou

Art with a Heart is grateful for the time and talent of the following volunteer groups during the month of September: Black Mental Health Alliance , Johns Hopkins University Human Resources Department , Kennedy Krieger Institute, Maryland State Department of Education , Towson Black Student Union  , T. Rowe Price and Verizon Media Group. 
Race, Class and Student LeadersAOLTour

Art with a Heart's Art of Leadership 5th Cohort met this month for a tour of Baltimore. The team literally AND figuratively covered a lot of ground! The tour took students through diverse communities of West and North Baltimore, sharing the history of these neighborhoods with a focus on race and class disparities. At two stops along the way, including Restoration Gardens (pictured here) and New Song Academythe team viewed public art created by Art with a Heart. After the tour, students exercised their  leadership skills by discussing their personal stories with regard to race and class; how the leaders experience and discuss these issues at home, at school, and in the world. 

Art with a Heart at HampdenFestHampdenFest

As a member of the Hampden Village Merchants Association , Art with a Heart's HeARTwares team spent the day at Hampdenfest providing a fun fall art activity in the festival's children's area. Attendees of all ages were invited to make adorable owls created from recycled paper rolls and paint. It was a hoot! 
A Special Service ProjectServiceProject

In partnership with one of HeARTwares' dedicated student volunteers, Art with a Heart is facilitating the creation of a sign for Civic Works' Real Food Farm at Perlman Place. The student fundraised for the project and brought her family and friends together to create the sign's many unique elements, which include mosaic circles of her favorite Real Food Farm crops! Stay tuned to see the finished piece!

Young Professionals Enjoy a Night of ServiceImpressionists

Art with a Heart's junior board, the  Impressionists, spent an evening preparing for Art with a Heart's classes, touching up community art and preparing a public art project for installation. During community service nights, this group of young professionals enjoy giving back while growing as a community. Join the Impressionists at their next community service event on Saturday, October 12th at 10:00am in collaboration with Baltimore City Bar Association's Young Lawyers Division. Sign up and find more events here. Or, to learn more about Art with a Heart's Junior Board, The Impressionists, contact Yolanda Jenkins at or 410-366-8886.