September11, 2017 "W ho's First"
Conflict and stress, in varying degrees, are inherent in every family. They are more frequent in a family business as they have to deal with both the personal family issues as well as the business issues. In-law and family relationship issues mixed with difference of opinions on decisions, authority, responsibility and other business challenges, make up major areas of stress and conflict.
Everyone in the family! The senior generation who believe the next generation don't listen, the next generation who believe the senior generation doesn't listen and other family members who create inter-family conflict, causing emotional confrontations. All situations caused by the lack of a process of effective communication, the reluctance to address conflict and the waiting for the other party to step forward first.
If both parties want to end the conflict they need to:
1.They need to meet and address the issue - just the
two of them
  • Each need to write down specifically what the issue is, how it affected them, what they would like to see happen and what they will do to correct this situation.
  • Each need to say they are sorry for hurting the other - The party who believes they are the aggrieved party. (could be both!)
2. If the two of them cannot find resolution, they need to find two impartial
people who know the situation, to help facilitate resolution.
3. If resolution cannot be found (between two working family members) it
goes to the board of directors. The board makes the decision. If it is a non-
working family member and another, an outside, impartial, facilitator should
be used.
4. If a working family member does not abide by the decision, the family
must support them and help them find a career they will be happier with.
For anything to be resolved the parties involved must want to have a better relationship. Without that desire, nothing positive will happen. Who's first?
"There must be desire in order to find resolution of any conflict situation"
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