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Even though you're probably well into your competitive golf season, I thought I'd share with you some sage advice I've picked up over the years from my mentors in total performance training regarding what 'winning' golfers have in common to help you stay focused as you prepare for your upcoming competitive play and ensure your best possible results. 
As a competitive golfer striving to perform at your very best, you will always want to focus on the aspects of total performance that 'you' can completely control. And, one of the few things that you as a golfer can completely control with regard to your game... is your attitude.  

Wind, rain, poor lies, playing partners who play slowly or talk too much can be frustrating and are outside of your control. Players who learn to shut out these distractions and have a 'winning attitude' provide themselves the best chance to play at their peak level. 

A winning attitude includes a combination of a proper identity (a balanced self-worth that is constantly grateful for the talents that have been given to you) with a healthy dissatisfaction with your current results... always appreciative of what you have while also wanting to expand and improve a little more each day.
  • As a winner you believe in yourself - Without a strong belief in your own ability to execute shots, you will consistently doubt yourself on the golf course. Practicing enough of the '4' essential golf-specific performance factors: mental training, physical training, skills training, and properly-fit golf equipment so that you have extra confidence stemming from the knowingness that you have outworked' your competition in 'all' aspects of performance, and then going out on the course with belief that you're capable of playing well is an important component of a winning attitude.
  • Winners accept challenges enthusiastically - Most players when faced with difficult situations look at them in a negative light. "Oh, just my luck, I hit a great drive and it lands in a divot" or "I can't believe that the ball is buried so deeply in the bunker". The great players in the game have an attitude of acceptance of these situations as a natural, 'every day' part of the game, and they approach these circumstances with enthusiasm.


Winning golfers work hard and persevere  -What does working hard mean to you? To the golfer who is serious about the game, this means doing whatever it takes to become the best player you can possibly be. If extra putting practice is called for, you'll see this player on the putting green. When the irons are shaky, you'll see this player hitting extra balls at the range. If adding a few more yards off the tee would create more birdie opportunities, then you'll see this player spending more time in the gym for added strength, swing speed and power. 
  • Winners make the best of his or her natural talents - The smart golfer with a winning attitude plays within his/her strengths. This includes working diligently to improve your weaknesses as well. The desired result here is to reach your ultimate potential. This is with consideration given to genetics, time and money constraints, as well as taking advantage of the opportunities that come your way. Become the best golfer that you can be.
  • Winners have specific goals and stay focused on their goals- This winning attitude is essential for the serious golfer at every level. First it is important to identify your 'specific' goal... and to know your 'core' purpose behind your goal (know 'what' you want and 'why' you want it). It is difficult to know if you are on the right road if you don't even know your destination! Once this has been clearly defined, structure your practice and your play with this ultimate goal in mind.
  • Winning golfers keep it all in perspective - Winning golfers don't let themselves get too excited over victories or too disconsolate over defeats. While wanting to win, a winner typically doesn't feel as though he/she 'has' to 'win' in order to be 'OK'. Your winning attitude toward golf involves maintaining a sense of humor about yourself and at this game... which is both challenging and frustrating for 'everyone' who plays it.
  • Winners are flexible- Adaptability is the last characteristic of a winning attitude. Once a winner chooses his/her path while also understanding that there are going to be deviations along the way. A winner also keeps the destination in mind while remaining flexible and making adjustments when encountering things over which he/she has little control.
Hope some of this information helps you play this week... and for the remainder of your competitive season!
To your 'golf-fit' game,

Dr. Paul

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Here's a note I just received yesterday from one of my clients...

"Dr. Paul,

Remember when I first contacted you and complained that I had lost at least 20 yards off the tee in the past 2-3 season?  Well, I am happy to report that your fully-remote 'on-line' golf fitness and coaching program has brought new life to my game!  

I was skeptical at first when you suggested, based on my time availability and that I lived in another state, that I should enroll in your '1% Membership Club'. I really didn't think I would see any results from a long-distance program conducted via the internet.  But, the way that you have everything set up within this 'members only' program, I found the initial evaluation process and custom golf fitness training exercise prescription very easy to follow and extremely helpful! 

In just two months, following your prescribed exercises according to the daily plan you provided, I am getting much stronger and my swing feels so much easier.  I have regained swing speed and power that I'd lost over the past few years and, I'm now hitting the ball off the tee at least 30 yards farther!!!  I'm totally amazed and it's great to be out-driving my buddies in my group again!

I'm so glad that I found your program and I would recommend it to any golfer who can't work one-on-with with you at your golf performance training center in Wheaton, IL. The '1% Membership Club' is a great value that I would gladly pay double for!"

J.H. (age 59)
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