Winter Group Show

MZ Urban Art

Rex Ashlock

Sebastien Aurillon

Claudia Furlani


Mollie Kellog

John K. Lawson

Mari Yamagiwa

December 11 - 27, 2014

Opening Reception: Thursday, December 11, 6-8pm

Rex Ashlock is an American painter who lived through the American pre and post war art evolution. Over his lifetime he moved from the West Coast to New York and back, teaching art and developing his own style.  His earliest work were figurative, often en plein air but over time moved through stages of expressionist and abstract iterations. The constant was always his emotional and intellectual discussion that drove his work.  This oil on canvas series is from his nude female figures which he explored in great detail and with much compassion.
Nude - 12" x 10"
Four Seasons - 31" x 31"
Sebastien Aurillon is a colorist who uses the constraints of outlines to tame the dynamism of the colors that he wields. A Parisian that was nurtured by his love and respect for the form and style of Leger and the colors of Kandinsky, he has managed to combine the inspiration that he garnered from both artists to create work that is uniquely his own. Perhaps it is the result of a Frenchman living in New York that now defines Aurillon's work.

Gueixa - 12" x 12"
Claudia Furlani is a Brazilian artist that creates dynamic urban images mixing many different media such as photography, digital work, paint and collage.  She develops her own landscapes, characters and urban rhythms resulting in fully developed scenes that appear to encapsulate a full length feature film in the one work.  Many of her pieces include sensual women that are beautifully and sensitively represented giving a feeling of a juxtaposition of a bygone era.

Ghosts and Dreamers
20" x 24" an Xfusionistic painter. Xfusionism is a concept of art that incorporates a number of styles such as Abstract, Expressionism, Surrealism, Neo-Expressionism, Outsider, Brut and Aboriginal art into one piece and then "X-tracts" their major components leaving their spirit to create a completely unique art form. This series was created purely with acrylic paint which is applied in many many layers, resulting in a unique three dimensional effect.

Incognito Witch: Girl's Heart
12" x 12"
Mollie Kellog is an American painter who births wonderfully mystic personalities on her heavily textured canvases.  Inspired by dreams, life experiences, poetry and literature, her characters are imbued with mysticism, spirituality and a deep connection with nature.  However they also have a very believable earthly resonance to them exposing real emotions with familiar expressions. 
Tempest in a tea cup  
33" x 48"
John K. Lawson is an Englishman who moved to Louisiana where he settled for many years, absorbing the local color and culture.  Inspired by a vision of thousands of strands of discarded plastic Mardi Gras beads shimmering on the St Charles Avenue in New Orleans - he concentrated on repurposing the cast-off beads and trinkets.  This lead to five beaded pianos, other musical instruments, a fifty-three foot bar top mural for the Audubon Hotel and hundreds of objets d'art.

I'll Return with Dreamer
28" x 28"
Mari Yamagiwa is a Japanese artist who incorporates both Eastern and Western influences to create work that are the interpretation and expression of her own experiences of pain, pleasure, sadness and poignant moments.  Her works are enhanced with kitsch culture detritus that surprisingly supports the courage with which she truthfully bares herself and her very personal secrets. Her work often encourages the viewer to face their own secrets and realities.



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