December 31, 2022

Wishing You a Wondrous New Year!

My Recommended New Year Resolutions - 12, for Twelve Months

1.     Resolve to guard your own personal health in ways that suit you and not others. This means resisting peer pressure from healthcare providers, family members, friends, the government, employers, and society in general

2.     Resolve to do your own due diligence when urged to adopt health-related recommendations, and then proceed only as you are convinced and comfortable – in doing this remember censorship of information in this country is very, very strong because deception pays those who deceive us – buyer beware!

3.     Resolve to develop a thick skin when it comes to criticism. “To thine own self be true.”

4.     Resolve to give no power to the “Zeitgeist” of our times to make you feel ashamed because of who you are; the color of your skin, your firmly held beliefs and values, etc.   AND... stand up for those who are being exploited by such, especially our children.

5.     Resolve to keep yourself and your family healthy as far as possible when it comes to the health measures that have existed from the beginning of time and are free of negative side effects, such as eating well, sleeping well, exercising, and avoiding overindulgence in anything, such as food, alcohol, etc. – as the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” 

6.     Resolve to be kind to others and to be kind to yourself; not over-expecting, ever seeking to improve, and always forgiving. 

7.     Resolve to be truthful and honest in all things. 

8.     Resolve to nurture your mind and your soul by leaving daily room for reflection, reading, prayer, taking time out for your artistic bent – these are so easy to leave off when rushed, and our health suffers because of it. Think. Ponder. Consider. Reflect.

9.     Resolve to observe a rhythm of a weekly Sabbath rest – this means as much as possible a day of moving away from work concerns and doing things that are restful for you – this is different individual to individual. 

10.  Resolve to bring awareness to the untapped resources within you; discover them, nurture them, enjoy them. This could be a talent you didn’t realize you had or something you know is brewing but you never nurtured – it is NEVER too late to take up painting, music, writing; the sky's the limit.  

11.  Resolve to identify and use the ways you are equipped to serve others and do it. 

12.     Resolve to live life with an attitude of thanksgiving, grace, and humility. 

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