A Season of Thankfulness
From all of us here at CASY & MSCCN- We want to wish you a Happy, Healthy, and Safe Thanksgiving and Holiday season. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your employment journey.
Thanksgiving is a time of appreciation. A time to appreciate family and friends, and the many wonderful things in your life that bring joy and happiness.  

Sometimes the busyness of the holiday takes over and the reason we take this time for Thanksgiving is lost. No one is immune to stress, and I’m sure that the holiday season doesn’t change that. Whether it’s the stress coming from the fact you have a full house of guests to please, or it’s the stress in knowing that you are going to be overindulging in sweets and jumping off your healthy track or even the stress of the official start of the holiday season.

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Staying Motivated through the Holiday Season
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Have you ever wondered what you should do when your job search falls during the holiday season? "The holidays are coming, should I just wait until January to look for a job? I don’t want to start a new job over the holidays."

Well, the reality is that it depends on your goals…especially when you want to start work. A typical job takes about 12-16 weeks to hire and start the on-boarding process. So, if you want to start sometime in April or May of 2020… then you should start your job search in January of 2020.

Congratulations, Jenny!
Jenny worked one-on-one with her MSCCN Employment Specialist for 6 months, enhancing and tailoring her resume while helping her navigate the challenges she faced while searching for new employment post PCS.

"Being a military spouse and building a career is very challenging. In my case, I have years of experience in my field but, as my path gets longer, the explanations on why I moved don’t become as simple as many will say; now, add in the fact that not all job markets function the same way. Chances of continuing to advance in my career were extremely competitive."  
Where Do Your Manners Line Up with
Post Interview Etiquette?
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You've finished your interview, feel great or even not so great about how it went, walking back to your car you think “What Next? Do I send a thank you … what should I do following an interview?"

The simple answer is that you should always follow up by thanking the person or persons who conducted your interview. Steer clear of sending a thank you text message as that can be perceived as too informal. The preferred method of follow up thank you would be either sending an email or a physical note. 
Federal Resume Recording Spotlight
The Federal Resume & Process Broken Down
Have you been wondering what in the world goes on throughout the Federal Application Process? Or maybe you've been wondering what to look for in a Federal position, and how to get referred. Recently we presented a live Federal Resume Course that discussed just that- AND- we recorded it for you!
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