Spring has officially arrived!
From our Executive Director
Megan Miessler, LCSW, DCE
This weekend my Pastor shared this meme in his sermon and challenged us to look at how we are different, how we have changed. The better question might be if we have changed……because, after all, we are supposed to change. God calls us to change. He did not create us to stay the same. Just look at the caterpillar... Read more.
#WordsMatter Spoken Word Video Winner:
Georgia Kate!
"Words matter, so don't say mean things. You may break up a friendship and you don't want that...."
Video Finalists
The Art of Listening
Our weekly Real Talk Blog posts every Tuesday on lcsfl.com and covers a range of current and relevant topics. Over the next few weeks, Real Talk will focus on the three steps critical to effective listening as well as the importance moments of silence play in our relationships. Read more.
We are looking for a Front Desk Receptionist.
LCS is looking for a Front Desk Receptionist, available Monday-Thursday, 1-7pm, to assist with billing and scheduling. F or more details .
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