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Saturday, February 19, 2022
This Week's Messages from AFL-CIO President, Liz Shuler
While everyone else was getting ready for the big game, I joined NFLPA President J.C. Tretter, labor leaders and allies on the picket line with workers who have been on strike against Rich Products at the Jon Donaire Desserts factory in Santa Fe Springs, California.

Hundreds of working people wore union gear and waved signs in solidarity with BCTGM members who went on strike in November after reporting low wages, unsafe work conditions and forced overtime.

The striking workers are almost all Spanish-speaking women, and their efforts to stand up and speak out on behalf of a fair contract is an inspiration for working people across the country and beyond.
America’s workers have sacrificed throughout the pandemic—working overtime, spending time away from our families, making less pay in the face of rising costs—and we are fed up. Working people are hungry for change.

Workers are seeing unions as a vehicle for making that change and fighting back against greedy corporations that are hiking up prices while making record profits—all while pinning the blame on workers who are organizing for a living wage and safe working conditions.

In addition to Build Back Better, the PRO Act, the Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act, voting rights and immigration reform, we need to pass the America COMPETES Act, which is a rare opportunity to provide critical investments to our global competitive capabilities, benefiting countless working families while leveling the playing field against unfair trade practices.
The AFL-CIO strongly condemns today’s decision by Virginia to revoke the state’s permanent COVID-19 workplace safety standards.

Virginia was the first state to issue a comprehensive standard requiring employers to protect employees from COVID-19 using simple, science-proven workplace safety measures. This workplace safety standard has not only been a model for states across the country, it has saved lives.

The commonwealth was a national leader for workplace safety, but now, in the first weeks of a new administration, it is disregarding proven methods to protect workers from exposure to COVID-19 on the job.
We have the momentum, and we have to build on it because America’s workers deserve everything the labor movement has to offer. Working people are hungry for change and refusing to settle.

Last October alone, we had over 30 strikes with 100,000 workers. We called it “Striketober,” and we’re not letting up. Nobody wants to go on strike. But when workers are pushed to the brink, we have no other option.

Greedy corporations like Starbucks and Amazon are hiking up prices despite making record profits—and pinning the blame on workers organizing for a living wage and safe working conditions. It’s up to us to reimagine an economy that works for working people.
AFL-CIO Organizing Institute Announces March–September Trainings
The AFL-CIO Organizing Institute (OI) announced its training schedule for March through September 2022. The goal of the trainings is to partner with labor organizations to provide their members and staff organizers with the principles and skills critical to winning respect and dignity at work through organizing a union. This schedule offers both digital and online trainings, while OI seeks to provide in-person trainings again once they can be safely conducted.

“Working people have been given the shaft, especially in this pandemic,” said OI Director Patrick Scott. “Working people want a voice on their jobs in this pandemic and beyond, and we intend on assisting them in getting it.”
The first training in this series will take place March 15–17 and will be held digitally. Registration opens Feb. 22.
Petition: Protect Airline Employees!
The Department of Justice must protect airline employees. Workers at airports and in airplanes deserve a safe workplace, free of abuse and physical harm. Add your name to say you support passenger service agents!

We’ve seen the videos. We’ve seen the articles.
For the past two years, airline employees have been working under the threat of abuse and physical harm from unruly passengers. 
All workers deserve a safe workplace—whether we’re in an airport or an airplane 30,000 feet in the air.
The government agencies in charge of preventing these assaults have not done enough. So the Justice Department must use its tools to ensure unruly passengers are held accountable.
Take Action: Urge Senators Portman and Brown to Pass the Postal Service Reform Act
Following years of debate to build consensus, it is time to pass this vital and carefully constructed legislation, a bipartisan compromise bill that will bring financial stability to the Postal Service.
The legislation includes key provisions of importance to the men and women who are the backbone of the Postal Service. First, H.R. 3076 eliminates the mandate that the Postal Service pre-fund its retiree health care benefits decades in advance, a requirement asked of no other public or private agency. Second, this legislation adopts private-sector best practice by maximizing the integration of postal annuitants into Medicare—a program to which the Postal Service and its workers have contributed more than $34 billion.
Additionally, the legislation benefits the public by codifying the mandate to provide six-day mail delivery, which has been required by an Appropriation rider since the 1980s. Some 159 million business and residential customers rely on six-day delivery.
The Postal Service is a vital public institution, self-sustaining and non-taxpayer-funded. Enactment of this legislation will restore and strengthen its financial stability, allowing it to improve service and respond to the evolving needs of American businesses and the families it serves.
Ohio AFL-CIO Endorses Joyce Beatty, Shontel Brown and Marcy Kaptur For Congress; Judge Jennifer Brunner for Chief Justice
The Ohio AFL-CIO announced last Friday it has unanimously endorsed Joyce Beatty, Shontel Brown and Marcy Kaptur for Congress and Judge Jennifer Brunner for Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court
“Ohio is fortunate to have such committed advocates for working people,” said Ohio AFL-CIO President Tim Burga. “Each of them stands out in their own right, and in the context of history, they are front and center."
"I am honored to have the support of the AFL-CIO and its members, and will continue to stand beside American workers to fight for fair wages, job security, and advanced training opportunities," stated Brown. "The fight for American workers never ends, and I look forward to continuing the work in Washington."
"Our brothers and sisters in labor go to work every day to build up our nation and provide for themselves and their families,” Kaptur said. “It is an honor to have their support in our fight to protect and bolster America's Middle Class. We will continue our work to expand opportunity for the people who make, build, and grow that which makes, builds, and grows America."
“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Ohio AFL-CIO. I was proud to work hand in hand with the people of organized labor to pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill,” said Beatty. “I look forward to what we can accomplish together, including urging the Senate to pass the Build Back Better Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act."
“I am grateful for the support of the Ohio AFL-CIO and its hard-working men and women who represent some of the best Ohio has to offer this nation,” Brunner said. “All Ohioans deserve justice, and that is why I am very pleased to receive this endorsement — our courts belong to the people.” 
Solidarity Center and APALA Raise Funds for Typhoon Rai Relief
The Solidarity Center and the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA) are raising funds to support typhoon relief in the Philippines, where Super Typhoon Rai (also known locally as Odette) has affected nearly 8 million Filipinos. More than 400 people were killed and more than a half million homes were destroyed. Millions of dollars in damage was caused to public structures, agricultural goods and fisheries. The effects of the storm will be felt for a long time, and U.S. labor organizations are working in solidarity with Philippine labor federation SENTRO to help as many Filipinos as possible.
Action Alert: Support Workers Organizing at REI
Retail workers at an REI store in New York City announced their intention last month to form a union with the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union-UFCW (RWDSU-UFCW). The outdoor sports giant has since begun a calculated union-busting campaign in an attempt to deny its workers their collective voice on the job. “We are calling on REI to immediately halt all union-busting practices, and to remain neutral as workers vote on union representation,” the union said on Twitter. Now, we can support these organizing workers by signing a petition to demand REI stop undermining union rights.
Going for Gold: NABET-CWA Members Bring the 2022 Winter Olympics to Homes Across America
The National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians-CWA (NABET-CWA) members who work for NBC Sports are in Beijing providing outstanding TV coverage of the 2022 Winter Olympics. Working in China’s capital is a challenge as COVID-19 protocols restrict free movement around the city and weather conditions can be harsh during outdoor competitions.
But despite the obstacles, members of NABET-CWA are covering all the action, from the ski slopes to the ice rinks to the interviews with athletes. Dozens more members of the union are working at the main control facility for NBC Sports in Stamford, Connecticut. And it’s because of their hard work that millions of viewers in America and around the world get to watch the incredible athletes compete for medals.
Working People Respond to President Biden's First Year in Office
Union members across the country went all out during the 2020 campaign to elect a pro-worker president to the White House. And over the past year, the Biden–Harris administration has been delivering for America’s workers. From the passage of the American Rescue Plan to the enactment of the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the labor movement has made real progress working in partnership with this administration.
Here are just some of the other advances we’ve achieved in the last year:

  • President Biden fired the anti-worker National Labor Relations Board general counsel and installed a pro-worker majority on the board.
  • Union member Marty Walsh (LIUNA) was appointed to serve as secretary of labor.
  • The Biden–Harris administration created the White House Task Force on Worker Organizing and Empowerment.
  • President Biden used his bully pulpit to advance the causes of the labor movement, including calling for passage of the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, supporting workers’ right to organize at Amazon and calling out Kellogg’s corporate greed during an active strike.
  • More of President Biden’s lower court judicial nominees were confirmed in his first year than any president since John Kennedy.
  • President Biden appointed more Black women to the U.S. Court of Appeals than any president in history.
  • As we look to the future, our sights are set on passing the Build Back Better Act, reforming America’s outdated labor laws, and protecting our basic rights and freedoms. Our job is far from over, and we’re ready to continue making progress for all working people in this country.

Redistricting Commission Fails to Comply
The Ohio Redistricting Commission met today, the last possible day laid out by the Ohio Supreme Court to comply with the court order to pass new state legislative maps, after the first two attempts were both struck down as unconstitutional. The bulk of the meeting was used by the Republican majority to attempt to poke holes at maps introduced by Democrats on the Commission. In the end, the Republican majority did not comply with the court order to produce new maps and declared the Commission was at an impasse. All attention now goes to the Ohio Supreme Court to determine next steps as time quickly slips away to conduct a May 3rd primary election. While this plays out the Commission will likely meet next week to discuss a new Congressional map as the first one the Republican majority passed was also ruled by the Ohio Supreme Court to be unconstitutional.
U.S Senator Sherrod Brown: Working For Working People!
Senator Sherrrod Brown Visits With Cleveland Starbucks Workers Organizing Their Union

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown visited the Starbucks location at 1374 West 6th Street in Cleveland to show support for the hourly workers who have petitioned to unionize.
Brown has long advocated for the dignity of work, and champions the rights of workers to organize. He met with store employees and proudly ordered his coffee “union strong” to show his support of their efforts to unionize.
“These Ohioans are doing what generations of workers have done in our state – banding together to advocate for themselves and have a voice on the job. All work has dignity – whether you punch a clock or swipe a badge, or you make coffee. You don’t have to wear a hard hat to start a union. There’s no reason a job at Starbucks should come with fewer rights and less of a career path than a manufacturing job,” said Brown. “Starbucks tries very hard to project an image of corporate responsibility – if they want to live up to their PR campaigns, they will allow their workers to organize.”
Last month, hourly employees at the Warehouse District store asked the National Labor Relations Board for a union vote. They also sent a letter to Starbucks’ CEO Kevin Johnson stating they work on the front lines of the customer service industry and don’t feel like there are consistent guidelines or effective safety measures to protect them during the COVID-19 pandemic and “feel like cogs in a machine.”
“Cleveland is known for its union history – we were a hub of the steel industry before the turn of the century and I think what we’re doing now will hopefully bring hope to workers not only in Cleveland but around the state of Ohio that they can do this that they have the right to unionize and have a seat at the table,” said Joseph Nappi, a Cleveland Starbucks employee and one of the leaders of the local union effort.
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United Way: Winners in Our Hearts
It did not end the way we hoped, but what a magical season for our hometown team. We are so proud of the Bengals! They will always be winners in our hearts.

The community is a winner, too. The excitement and buzz around the Bengals helped us so far raise more than $318,000 for priorities we share with the Bengals: education, hunger relief and economic advancement. 

There’s still a chance to show your Bengals' pride. Donate $56 by Wednesday at 5 p.m. to have your photo taken at Paul Brown Stadium with the AFC Championship™ trophy. (One person per photo. You can gift your photo to another person.)

The Bengals are champions on and off the field and we are proud to partner with them. We will reach out soon with more details on the photos.
Who Dey!

Moira Weir
Black History Poetry Slam!
COVID-19 Dashboard
Ohio Vaccination Dashboard

The COVID-19 Vaccination Dashboard displays the most recent data reported to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) regarding the number of individuals that have started and completed the COVID-19 vaccination series by various demographics and county of residence.

The COVID-19 Vaccination Dashboard displays the most recent data reported to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) regarding the number of individuals that have started and completed the COVID-19 vaccination series by various demographics and county of residence. “Vaccination started” indicates that the individual has received at least one valid dose of COVID-19 vaccine. The number listed as “vaccination completed” is a subset of the number included in “vaccination started,” indicating that those individuals within that group have received all recommended COVID-19 vaccine doses and are considered fully immunized. ODH is making COVID-19 data available for public review while also protecting privacy. This dashboard will be updated daily. Please see footnotes below for more details.

Ohio COVID-19 Dashboard

ODH is making COVID-19 data available for public review while also protecting patient privacy.

The State of Ohio COVID-19 Dashboard displays the most recent preliminary data reported to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) about cases, hospitalizations and deaths in Ohio by selected demographics and county of residence. Data for cases and hospitalizations is reported to ODH via the Ohio Disease Reporting System (ODRS), and verified mortality data is reported via the Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS).
Current Trends
Below are the current reporting trends from Friday, February 18 for key indicators calculated from data reported to the Ohio Department of Health. These trends are updated daily and are presented by report date.
Below is a snapshot of key metrics pulled Friday, February 18, 2022 from daily data reporting to the Ohio Department of Health. These metrics are updated daily.
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