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Friday, September 10, 2021
Message from President Shuler
We’re seeing and feeling the impacts of climate change all across the country— wildfires, heat waves, hurricanes and flooding. The transition to a clean energy future, with good union jobs, is urgent. That’s why we need to build a modern, resilient labor movement that can meet the challenges of the climate crisis. We’ve shown what we can accomplish when we stick together. Now, workers and communities across the country are looking to the labor movement—not just to rebuild, but to build back better with unions.

We’re building a modern labor movement. We’re innovating union growth, organizing power, and moving to reform labor laws so we can balance the economic scales and lift up all working people.
But to do that, we need democracy in the U.S. Senate. And that means passing labor law reform, voter protection legislation and the Build Back Better investment agenda with a simple 50-vote majority.
I hope your Labor Day was safe and enjoyable. Thank you for the work you’ve done and the work you’re doing right now.
President Shuler Joins Event at the White House
Wednesday, AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler attended an event at the White House to honor the labor movement. At the event, President Joe Biden spoke about the importance of passing the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act. He said the role of government should be to “remove barriers to workers organizing,” and that it should be up to workers—not employers—to decide whether we want to belong to a union. 

"It’s the labor movement that will lead the transformation. We are innovating and fighting for what will be the next weekend. And with the game-changing leadership of the Biden–Harris administration, we will build back better with unions. To win an America where every working person has the right to a good, sustainable union job. And with it, access to an expansive, new American middle class. The labor movement is open for business. And we’re just getting started." - AFL-CIO President, Liz Shuler

Click here to watch the full event.
Write Your Senators: Pass the PRO Act
We’re taking action this week to support workers! The Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act empowers working people to join and form unions. Write a letter to your senators and tell them to pass the PRO Act!

Throughout the pandemic, working people kept our communities running.
The nurses caring for sick patients, the teachers ensuring their students are still learning, the grocery store workers making sure we can still eat.
After the Labor Day holiday, we owe working people more than gratitude—we need action.
That’s why we need to pass the PRO Act. It will improve the lives of all working people.

In Solidarity,
Nation's Mayors Support the PRO Act
Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, who leads the United States Conference of Mayors announced on Twitter that the Conference passed a resolution in support of the PRO Act, the largest pro-worker piece of legislation since the Great Depression.
“I'm very proud that the @usmayors has endorsed the #PROAct! I grew up in a union family, so I know how important it is that we support working families and protect the right to organize,” said Mayor Whaley.
AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler was quick to respond with a statement on the endorsement.
"The nation’s mayors have called for passage of the PRO Act, and now it is time for the senators in Washington to listen. Today’s resolution sends a clear message to Congress—the PRO Act and the Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act, have widespread national support and must become the law of the land. Building back better starts with enacting the PRO Act’s commonsense workplace safety protections, expanding collective bargaining, ensuring gender and racial equality on the job, and enhancing penalties for employers who violate our rights. I applaud the mayors’ conference for its steadfast commitment to giving working families a chance to level the playing field in our economy. The next vote to pass the PRO Act should be in the U.S. Senate," said President Shuler.
The resolution was co-sponsored by Regina Romero (Tucson, AZ), Kim Janey (Boston, MA), Lori E. Lightfoot (Chicago, IL) Nan Whaley (Dayton, OH), Lauren Poe (Gainesville, FL), Eric Genrich (Green Bay, WI), Luke Bronin (Hartford, CT), Eric Garcetti (Los Angeles, CA), Bill de Blasio (New York, NY), Kate Gallego (Phoenix, AZ), Todd Gloria (San Diego, CA), Jenny A. Durkan (Seattle, WA), Tishaura O. Jones (St. Louis, MO), Corey Woods (Tempe, AZ), Martha Guerrero (West Sacramento, CA).
Read the full resolution here. Scroll to Resolution 78.
California Recall Campaign - Urgent Action
Sisters and Brothers,

I hope you will join me next Monday and Tuesday to help turn out the labor vote to stop the anti-Union recall in California.

The California recall is funded by anti-union millionaires and special interests that want to roll back decades of progress on workers’ rights. These extreme backers are funneling millions of dollars into the recall campaign to weaken or eliminate laws that protect worker pay, health care, retirement and safety on the job. The recall isn’t just about Governor Newsom, it’s is a sneak attack on our jobs, wages, benefits and union.

That's why we need you to volunteer to phone bank to encourage California union members to oppose this anti-union recall. Click here to volunteer to call Monday, Sept. 13 or Tuesday, Sept. 14.

Let me be clear: the backers of this recall are anti-union special interests. These corporate extremists funding the recall have spent tens of millions of dollars attacking unions and our agenda to protect workers. The anti-union recall backers want to lower wages, eliminate health and safety laws and kill union jobs. This recall is nothing but a sneak attack on jobs, wages, benefits and unions.

In Solidarity,
Tim Burga, President
What "Building Back Better" Means
The House of Representatives has passed a historic budget resolution to put muscle behind President Joe Biden’s “build back better” agenda. The plan is designed to help our country fight COVID-19, boost our economy, expand the child tax credit, establish universal pre-K, make college more affordable and accessible, expand Medicare benefits for seniors, and more. This plan is an incredible step forward, but there are still things that need to be added. Congress must hear from us to get this done.

Building back better means continuing the momentum we started with the American Rescue Plan, putting resources where we need them most. By scrapping the SALT cap, we’d ensure that communities investing in the public services we depend on aren’t penalized for doing so. By redefining free community college by including two years at a state college, we’d give thousands of students the chance to pursue their dreams. By investing in school infrastructure, we’d be building safe and welcoming environments for millions of students to learn and thrive—not to mention creating thousands of well-paying union jobs to make those upgrades.

Building back better means making a commitment to working families that every person, regardless of geography or demography, can have a high-quality education, starting with universal pre-K and extending through free community college. It means expanding healthcare options for working families, so that healthcare can truly be a right and not a privilege.

Building back better means thinking about and planning for our future by investing in green infrastructure and modern technology, in broadband internet access for all. It means investing in job trainings so we can help people pursue their dreams and meet the needs of our growing and modernizing economy.

In unity,

Randi Weingarten
AFT president  
Liz Shuler and more Featured Guests at WILL Empower Symposium

21 DAYS until the 2021 Womxn’s Labor Leadership Symposium & Awards on September 30-October 1. We invite you to join womxn leaders across worker justice movements who are innovating by changing the narratives, broadening our vision of worker and community power, and implementing strategies to win. Check out the two-day agenda linked here. 

There is still time to register! Talk with staff, leaders, and members about participating. Scholarships and student discounts are available. Visit our website for more details about registration and sponsorship.
Can't wait to see you there,
Sheri Davis-Faulkner
WILL Empower 
(Women Innovating Labor Leadership)

WILL Empower is a joint initiative of the Center for Innovation in Worker Organization (CIWO) at the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations & the Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor at Georgetown University; and the legacy project of Berger Marks Foundation.
'State of the Unions' Is Back
We’ve got a new look, a new co-host and a new episode!
2020 and 2021 were hard for everyone. So we gave ourselves some grace and went on hiatus.
But we’re back now! And we sat down with Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh to chat about what’s happening in the world of labor.
We also have a new co-host, Carolyn Bobb! We’ll let her introduce herself in this episode.
New episodes come out every other Monday. So stay tuned for a ton of original content and catch up on previous episodes.
Listen on:
In Solidarity,
AFT Offers Disaster Relief to Members Impacted by Hurricane Ida
The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) is helping members affected by Hurricane Ida with its disaster relief fund. Click here to contribute. “Even as the storm rolled through Louisiana, hospitals stayed open, with nurses putting their own safety on the line to care for their patients as COVID-19 continued to ravage the area,” said AFT President Randi Weingarten. She continued: “Hurricane Ida is the most recent and upsetting reminder of how climate change is affecting our communities and causing more extreme weather. Fighting for solutions to the climate crisis is something we’re committed to, both in and out of the classroom.” The Louisiana AFL-CIO is also providing relief to affected union members. Checks can be made out to: Louisiana AFL-CIO Disaster Relief Fund, 429 Government St., Baton Rouge, LA 70802.
Unions Celebrate Labor Across The State
Labor Day was celebrated in cities and towns across Ohio with events sponsored and supported by AFL-CIO local central councils and unions.
Starting on Saturday with parades in Portsmouth and Marietta and a rally in Cleveland, local communities came together to honor the hard work of all those who continue to wake up each day and put their shift in to keep America moving.
Ohio AFL-CIO President Tim Burga was in Mansfield on Labor Day for their parade while Secretary-Treasurer Melissa Cropper joined Congressman Tim Ryan in Newark to walk the parade route.
"This Labor Day, as we recognized and celebrated working people, it comes as no surprise that public support for unions continues to rise across the country. Union members have delivered for our communities throughout the country, as workers have finally been recognized as essential to our economy and society during the coronavirus pandemic," said Burga. "I was proud to represent with my union sisters and brothers in Mansfield and salute the community support and show of unity on display across our great state."
Union-sponsored Labor Day events were held in: Cleveland, Portsmouth, Marietta, Akon, Toledo, Lima, Mansfield, Steubenville, Newark and Barberton.
BWC Annual Memorial Service Honors Ohio's Fallen Workers
The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) held its annual Fallen Workers’ Memorial service on Thursday, Sept. 2. The event honors those who lost their lives as a result of a workplace injury or illness. Ohio AFL-CIO President was in attendance and said in his remarks:
"As we continue the struggle to get on the other side of the COVID pandemic, we are reminded every day of the essential nature and value of our workforce. Working people have answered the call of the Coronavirus Pandemic every day, and in every way. We’ve served. We’ve sacrificed. We’ve healed. We’ve honored the country we love, the country we built.
"It is working people that move our state forward and hold the key to our economic growth and future success. Today, we offer our prayers and condolences to the families of the fallen as we call on those in power to strengthen the binds of the mutual commitment to safe jobs for all and the guarantee of care and benefits to those in need.
"As a third-generation steelworker and grandson of a coal miner, my family, like so many others, know the dangers and risks associated with Ohio’s blue-collar heritage in the mines, factories, farms and construction sites. The legacy of our industrial boom and the struggle for safe jobs and a first-class workers’ compensation system is to be revered and protected, while recognizing the need to innovate and improve as our work and society evolves."

Center for American Progress: Unions Help Narrow the Racial Wealth Gap
Union membership helps to significantly narrow the racial wealth gap in our country, according to new research from the Center for American Progress (CAP). CAP’s data shows that median household wealth is five times higher for Hispanic union households than Hispanic nonunion households. Similarly, Black union households have more than three times the median wealth of Black nonunion households. The report concluded: “All told, unions have a significant impact on the financial stability of workers. This new analysis provides additional evidence that policymakers must take steps to strengthen unions in order to narrow the racial wealth gap and increase the economic power of the working class.” Click here to watch the video explaining this new research.
Approval of Labor Unions at Highest Point Since 1965
According to the latest Gallup poll, an overwhelming 68% of Americans approve of labor unions. The current union support data is the highest Gallup has measured since 71% in 1965.
Gallup has measured the public's rating of labor unions periodically beginning in 1936 and then annually since 2001 with more Americans expressing approval than disapproval in every reading.
Between 1936 and 1967, approval averaged 68% and included record-high 75% approval ratings in 1953 and 1957. Then, from 1972 through 2016, support eased, with few readings over 60%. Since 2016, approval has steadily increased and is now 20 percentage points above the historical low.
The current results are from Gallup's annual Work and Education poll conducted Aug. 2-17, 2021.
Approval has increased among nearly all major demographic subgroups since 2016. A good sign for unions moving forward is the high approval rating among young adults aged 18-34 (77%) and those with annual household incomes under $40,000 (72%).
Union support is also being realized across political parties with a vast majority of Democrats, and Independents and half of all Republicans approving of organized labor. Approval among Democrats, which is nearly unanimous, is buoyed by the actions and proposals of President Joe Biden who maintains his administration will be one of the most pro-union in history.
U.S Senator Sherrod Brown: Working For Working People!
Ohio AFL-CIO: Southwest Field Rep Update
Thanks everyone for all you work this Labor Day weekend and for helping recruit to stop the anti-union recall in California along with your own local elections. It’s a lot!
Below is a flyer and sign-up sheet for the recall phone banks as well as a flyer created for the Sept. 21 Fair Maps press conference/Lobby Day. There is an on-line registration for the phone banks here: where you can register volunteers yourself if they use the sign-up sheet or you can just email them this link.
To register for Fair Maps Day, the link is:
Ohioans have lived under severe gerrymandering for over a decade. Join us at the Ohio Statehouse on September 21st to tell legislators to stop cheating! We expect and deserve FAIR MAPS NOW! Please go to for more information and to register for the event. 

10:30 - 11:30 AM

11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

(pre-paid or on your own)
12:00 - 1:30 PM
(Throughout the day- if you REGISTER)

1:00 PM (optional to attend)
Join us Today for Virtual Discussion with Senator Sherrod Brown & Ohio Parents On the Child Tax Credit

For Our Future Ohio Education Fund is hosting a virtual panel with Senator Sherrod Brown to discuss the Child Tax Credit with Ohio parents. Senator Brown will speak with panelists about their experiences and the importance of the Child Tax Credit, and the importance of passing the Child Tax Credit expansion as part of the Build Back Better Agenda.

The Child Tax Credit went into effect within the American Rescue Plan earlier this year. However, without the Build Back Better Agenda passing Congress, the Child Tax Credit’s benefits in the American Rescue Plan will expire at the end of the year, and nearly 2.1 million children in Ohio will no longer benefit from the Child Tax Credit.

I hope to see you there,

Kobie D. Christian
Communications Director, For Our Future Ohio
Registration Opens for 2021 Union Co-op Symposium!
We're very excited for our 2021 Union Co-op Symposium, which is scheduled for Nov. 12 and 13.

Register today for the Symposium, a conference bringing together people interested in practical tools on how to start and run union worker cooperatives! 

Executive Director Kristen Barker at a panel during a past Symposium.

Why union worker cooperatives?

Across the world, communities are increasingly rejecting unsustainable patterns of economic development for innovative alternatives, including the union co-op model. This model joins the best tenets of the labor movement with opportunities for sustainable wealth-building and self-determination. As a result, it fosters wealth in communities historically excluded from the ownership economy. 

The Union Co-op Symposium is the only gathering of its kind

We will bring together social entrepreneurs, labor organizers, co-op workers, community development practitioners, and others with a vested interest in equitable economic development. Our 2-day gathering will provide community-building opportunities and workable strategies for forming, running, and nurturing union worker cooperatives.

2021 Symposium will be virtual and in-person

The 1st day of the conference will be virtual, while the 2nd day will be in-person in Cincinnati. The exact locations in Cincinnati and other details will be announced. 

Attendance options and pricing:
  • Option 1: Virtual only (Friday Nov. 12): $50
  • Option 2: In-person only (Saturday Nov. 13): $100
  • Option 3: Virtual and in-person (Friday Nov. 12 and Saturday Nov. 13): $125

Workshops will likely include the following topics:
  • Exploring Examples of Co-op Network Structures for Impact 
  • Navigating Complexity and Unleashing Creative Potential within your Organization
  • Mondragon 101 and Insights into Current Challenges and Opportunities
  • Union Co-op & Union Co-op Network 101 
  • Financing Transformation 
  • Participatory Management and the Great Game of Business
  • Non-extractive Finance
  • Transitioning Existing Businesses to Worker Ownership (Featuring the Business Legacy Fund)
  • Expanding and Supporting the Field of Co-op Legal Professionals
  • Exploring Ways to Build Co-op Culture
  • Harnessing the Power of Polarities to Unlock Sustainable Change and Impact
  • Connecting with Faith Communities
  • Handling Challenging Conversations
  • Deepening Connections with the Labor Movement and Exploring Promising Experiments in the Union Co-op World
  • Deep Dives into Grocery Co-ops, Ag Co-ops, Energy Efficiency and Solar Co-ops, and Land Trusts and Real Estate Investment Co-ops

Here is the tentative schedule:

Friday Nov. 12 from 1-530 pm (virtual)
  • 1-2 pm: Keynote
  • 2-215 pm: Networking
  • 215-315 pm: Simultaneous breakout workshops
  • 315-330 pm: Networking
  • 330-430 pm: Simultaneous breakout workshops
  • 430-445 pm: Networking
  • 445-515 pm: Concluding experience
  • 515-530 pm: Networking

Saturday Nov. 13 from 9-5 pm (in-person)
  • 9-1130 am: Deep-dive workshops on site
  • 2-430 pm: Deep-dive workshops on site
Members of the Cincy Cleaning Co-op at a past Symposium.

Early Bird Pricing Still Available for the 39th Annual Labor-Management Conference
Join us at this year’s 39th Annual Labor-Management Conference on Labor-Management Relations: Building Connections through the Pandemic and Beyond, where experts will focus on practical concerns for labor and management as well as legal issues in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The annual conference was borne out of a partnership between NKU and FCMS many years ago to promote Labor-Management cooperation. When Labor and Management work together, they strengthen the region's workforce and its economic competitiveness. Business leaders, labor representatives, and government officials gather at our conference to find effective and valuable approaches to working together.

As Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts how people gather around the world, this isn’t business as usual. We’re committed to doing all we can to help during this time of uncertainty. While we are moving forward with the event as an in-person professional development opportunity, registrants of this event will have the option of attending in-person or virtually.

Must register by September 17, 2021 to receive the early bird registration rate

Early Bird: $160*
Late Registration: $180
NLRB Rate: $95
Student Registration: $40
Group Registration (10 tickets): $1,440

October 8, 2021
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Northern Kentucky University
Registration and sessions will take place at the Student Union
Freestore Foodbank: Upcoming, Ongoing and Holiday Season Volunteer Opportunities
Hello Freestore Foodbank Volunteers!

We hope you are doing well, staying safe and healthy!

Below you'll find the much-anticipated Fall, Winter, and Holiday Season Volunteer Opportunities: (These events can be found on our volunteer portal:

Upcoming Volunteer Events:

Saturday, September 11th from 9:30am – 3:00pm at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza, 35 W 5th St; 45202. The Cincinnati International Festival is hosting a Charity Auction & Luncheon and needs a few more volunteers. We are beneficiaries of this event as to why we are being asked to recruit volunteers to help out on our behalf. This request is in addition to volunteers that have already committed to helping out. This event is not listed on our volunteer portal. Let me know if you're interested and I'll provide the event coordinator's contact information to you to sign up for a shift.

Wednesday, September 15th from 9:30am - 2:00pm at the Freestore Foodbank's Customer Connection Center located at 112 E. Liberty Street; 45202. We are hosting a job fair to do our part to help the employment crisis. We are looking for 4 volunteers to help navigate job applicants to the different employer stations that will be located throughout the building. This event can be found on our volunteer portal under Job Fair Guides.

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities:

Monday - Friday from 7:45am - 12:00pm or 11:30am - 4:15pm at the Customer Connection Center's Liberty Street Market (food pantry). Individuals and Groups are needed to help with market operations. We can take up to 10 volunteers per shift. Tasks include restocking shelves with shelf-stable foods/produce; restocking the coolers with diary; shopping bags prep; customer check-in/check out; bagging frozen meats for distribution; loading customers groceries into their vehicle (similar to carts & carryout). This volunteer opportunity can be found on our portal under Liberty Street Market.

Monday - Friday from 9am - 11:30am, 1pm - 3:30pm, or Thursday evenings from 5pm - 7:30pm at the Mayerson Distribution Center (warehouse) located at 1250 Tennessee Ave; 45229. Individuals and Groups are needed to help with food box assembly (Power Packs, Senior Boxes, Emergency Boxes, and Holiday Food Boxes); we can take up to 30 volunteers each shift. Tasks include filling boxes/bags with food items on an assembly line; keeping the assembly line stocked with food items; packaging bags/boxes for transport then placing them on a skid, and recycling duties. This opportunity can be found on our portal under Distribution Center.

Holiday Season Volunteer Opportunities:

Instead of our traditional food box distribution as we've hosted in previous years at the Liberty Street location, shoppers will be able to choose their holiday food favorites when they visit the pantry for their monthly visit. This way we can continue to serve families in need without closing the market to host the holiday food box distribution event.

Beginning Monday, November 1st - Wednesday, December 22nd at the Liberty Street Market volunteers are needed for a variety of tasks to help with keeping the market stocked with holiday food items as well as the normal groceries offered at the pantry. The majority of volunteers will be needed to help with carts & carryout which is now dubbed Front Bay Attendants. Individuals and Groups can sign up to help out for this event. Each task is listed under LSM Holiday Shopping on our volunteer portal. The task list will allow groups to work together.

Monday, November 22nd, and Monday, December 20th from 7:30am - 11:30am or 11am - 3:30pm at the Cincinnati Reds Youth Academy located at 2026 E. Seymour Ave; 45237. We will host our traditional holiday food box distribution at this site. This is an outside event and 50 volunteers are needed each shift to help with signing families up for their food box; loading food box and produce into vehicles, keeping the distribution stations stocked with food boxes/produce; and recycling duties. This volunteer opportunity can be found on our portal under Holiday Food Box Distribution.

Just a friendly reminder that if you would like to schedule your team to volunteer please contact us so that we can secure the shift and slots for your team. Individuals can sign up using the above link. 

Let us know if you have additional questions or would like to secure a date for your team.

We are looking forward to seeing you very soon!

All the best,

The Volunteer Engagement Team
Regatta Results, Prize Winners and A Lot Of Gratitude
Our generous community never ceases to amaze me. Our 27th annual Rubber Duck Regatta was a huge success!

Even though the event was again virtual, generous donors still stepped up in support of children facing hunger in our community, buying a total of 220,864 ducks!

That’s over 3 million meals!

We’re so grateful for the support from all our donors, volunteers and sponsors. It takes everyone coming together to have this huge of an impact on tristate kids in need.
The Regatta may be an annual event, but our fight against hunger is year-round.

Thank you for your life-changing support of families in our community.

With sincere gratitude,

Kurt L. Reiber
President & CEO
Freestore Foodbank

PS: Missed the event and want to help hungry kids? Give today.
What Matters
Most To You?
When you think of community, what are you passionate about?

Community is defined as a collective of shared concerns or passions. At United Way of Greater Cincinnati, we believe all families deserve economic well-being so we have a stronger, more resilient community.

Tell us what you care about and we will send you relevant information, stories and various ways to get involved.
Quality education is an important building block for long-term financial success. From in-home support for young families to quality preschool opportunities to workforce development, education elevates a community and maximizes its potential.
Everyone within a community should have the opportunity to thrive. Until the most basic needs are met, such as food and housing, families don’t have the essential foundation they need to gain economic mobility.
A healthy community is a resilient community. We promote healthy eating and physical activity, mental health and addiction services and integrating health into early childhood development.
United Way ran a direct-relief program for Hamilton County residents facing financial challenges due to COVID-19. Nearly 4,000 people received a total of $160,000 in gift cards to purchase food
In 2020, the Northern Kentucky Digital Equity Initiative mobilized $372,000 from individual, foundation and corporate investors to connect 3,700 students across 16 school districts with internet access
United Way of Greater Cincinnati's 211 helpline fielded more than 132,400 requests for services. The top requests were related to housing, food, rent and other financial resources.
Medicare Resources
Medicare Can Save Your Company Money

Are you searching for health care savings for your company? The answer may be Medicare. When Medicare-eligible employees transition from employer coverage to Medicare, their health care costs transition as well. The average annual savings in premiums alone is $6,227* per employee, potentially more if the employee is on a family plan or if your company is self-insured. Join us for one of these webinars to learn how to optimize health care costs with Medicare.

Solving the Medicare Resource Challenge
Thursday, Sept. 16
9 a.m. EST
Tuesday, Sept. 21
9 a.m. EST
Find out why more than 1,500 local organizations have trusted RetireMEDiQ to be their expert in Medicare. Learn more about our no-cost program and how you can encourage your eligible employees to explore Medicare when you register!

Solving Your Employees' Medicare Resource Challenge

Did you know each employee on Medicare needs an annual Medicare benefits review? If your broker has one or two agents offering Medicare guidance, they may be skipping this important step. Medicare mistakes are costly. RetireMEDiQ is a team of 75 Medicare advisors who work with individuals before, during, and after Medicare enrollment. 

Learn the value of lifelong Medicare guidance
by joining one of these webinars:
Thursday, Sept. 16
9 a.m. EST
Tuesday, Sept. 21
9 a.m. EST
With a 95% customer retention rate, RetireMEDiQ provides lifelong support to employees once they transition to Medicare.

Vaccine Requirements, Public Health, and Your Employees
Thank you for joining the ‘Vaccine Requirements, Public Health and Your Employees’ panel on Thursday, August 26. We appreciate your participation and efforts to help promote a healthy region and increase vaccination rates in our community. 

As a follow up to the event, we want to make sure you have the following: 

The materials contained in this email and supporting web content is compiled from publicly available sources and should not be construed as legal advice. We urge you to talk with HR professionals and legal counsel about your specific employee and vaccine related policies.  

Contact Kamaria Walton for any additional questions and information. 

Be well, 
Your Cincinnati Regional Chamber Team
COVID-19 Dashboard
Ohio Vaccination Dashboard

The COVID-19 Vaccination Dashboard displays the most recent data reported to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) regarding the number of individuals that have started and completed the COVID-19 vaccination series by various demographics and county of residence.

The COVID-19 Vaccination Dashboard displays the most recent data reported to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) regarding the number of individuals that have started and completed the COVID-19 vaccination series by various demographics and county of residence. “Vaccination started” indicates that the individual has received at least one valid dose of COVID-19 vaccine. The number listed as “vaccination completed” is a subset of the number included in “vaccination started,” indicating that those individuals within that group have received all recommended COVID-19 vaccine doses and are considered fully immunized. ODH is making COVID-19 data available for public review while also protecting privacy. This dashboard will be updated daily. Please see footnotes below for more details.

Ohio COVID-19 Dashboard

ODH is making COVID-19 data available for public review while also protecting patient privacy.

The State of Ohio COVID-19 Dashboard displays the most recent preliminary data reported to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) about cases, hospitalizations and deaths in Ohio by selected demographics and county of residence. Data for cases and hospitalizations is reported to ODH via the Ohio Disease Reporting System (ODRS), and verified mortality data is reported via the Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS).
Current Trends
Below is a snapshot of key metrics pulled Thursday, September 9 from daily data reporting to the Ohio Department of Health. These metrics are updated daily.
Below are the current reporting trends from Thursday, September 9 for key indicators calculated from data reported to the Ohio Department of Health. These trends are updated daily and are presented by report date.
Hamilton County
Clermont County
Brown County
Butler County
Warren County
Other News For and About Working People: