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I am happy to report that our website ( http://staugustinesanglican.org ) and all associated services are back online and fully functional. If you try to access the website and encounter an error, clear your browser cache and reload the page. If you cannot access the site, shoot me an email (as opposed to just shooting me). Thanks and God bless.

Carl has been attending St. Augustine’s for almost four years now, arriving shortly before starting a Ph.D. program in the English Department at The Ohio State University. He has been a member of the vestry for almost three years, and the junior warden for a year and a half. He enjoys teaching, reading, and writing, as well as hanging out with the “St. Augustine homies”, to borrow a phrase from Fr. Kevin.   

Every Lent, though filled with the same rituals and liturgies, teaches me something new about myself and how I relate to the world. Thanks to some pesky sickness and traveling, I’ve felt somewhat out of sorts this Lent, unable to attend church every Sunday and establish the same rituals that I normally do. Yet like every Lent, I’ve been reminded, once again, of one of the Church’s central missions on the earth in this age: waiting and remembering. There is a cadence to the church calendar, where we find ourselves in seasons of waiting, during Advent and Lent primarily, to prepare us for seasons of action. While waiting during Lent can carry a certain kind of joy, this Lent has felt tinged with more than its fair share of sadness, both within our own church family and in the broader world... more
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Photos of the Holy Triduum
St. Augustine’s and friends participated in the services of  Maundy Thursday Good Friday , and  Holy Saturday during Holy Week, or Holy Triduum . One doesn’t get to Easter before going through Calvary. God poured out his love for us and for our salvation, and we celebrate the Risen Lord as we enter the Easter season. Click here for photos of the week.

We are growing in all sorts of ways at St. Augustine's. From the recent survey of the parishioners, we learned that almost half of those completing the form found our church through the internet. God has graced us with several in the parish with media/marketing gifts, and we will be using those to get the word out about St. Augustine's. Wade and Sara S. presented fresh marketing ideas to the vestry last Sunday. Mary Megan and Deanna have joined the Communications Team to accelerate our use of Facebook and the website. Also, Mary Megan is going to create an Instagram account for us. We have a  Twitter account,  open for use! 

If you have ideas about improving the effectiveness of our on-line presence, let us know. And...if you are interested in contributing on the Communications Team, let me know. And...if you have not checked out our FB page,  click here  and LIKE US! We are striving to reach 350 likes by the end of the year.


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