October 2022 Issue 009

Welcome to October 2022!

This month we are presenting a more condensed of our monthly October E-Newsletter. We are focusing on Hearing God Speaking to you. Are you listening? There is a major key that many are missing when it comes to hearing and understanding with clarity the Voice of God! Rev. Michael J. Burns shares that key in his article entitled, God is Speaking - Are You Listening?

There are ways we share where you can Host MJB Ministries in Your Church, Conference, Business and City; and We desire your feedback and prayer requests so we can agree with you!

We pray for you each month according to Ephesians 1:15-23 and Ephesians 3:14-21. Never forget that YOU ARE LOVED, FAVORED & BLESSED!
Michael & Cynthia Burns
This video above is something that I want to encourage you to view in it's 8+ minute entirety. This is one of the most incredible lessons I have ever heard on Following God's Voice. The article I wrote is the ONLY article in this month's E-Newsletter. My hope is you will invest your time and glean the truths contained therein. Thank You in Jesus Name! - Rev. Michael J. Burns
God is Speaking - Are You Listening
The #1 Key to Hearing From God!
by Rev. Michael J. Burns
From MJB Ministries
Tulsa, Oklahoma
This is a MUST READ article that will add clarity to some of the things you have been taught over the years by some of the greatest ministers of our generation. STILL...I believe there is a Missing Ingredient when it comes to hearing from God with clarity. Please watch this 8+ minute video above and read this article. I truly believe that this will take your relationship with the Lord to a greater level. This is for EVERY Believer in Christ including those in the 5-fold ministry. Please share by email your thoughtful comments with me by Clicking Here.

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By Rev. Michael J. Burns
I have decided to give You an excerpt of my book, CHURCH HAPPENS - What Your Pastor Needs From The People They Lead! Chapter One is entitled, 'Smitten Shepherds & Scattered Sheep!'
Matthew 18:19-20 is where Jesus told us about the Power of Agreement in Prayer. Agreement is the place of POWER!

Partnership is clearly explained in this recent episode of God's Healing Word with Rev. Michael J. Burns. This is our Financial Stewardship Friday program where biblical financial principles are taught. This is a very special message on why MJB Ministries needs your Prayerful & Financial Partnership!
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This Month's Book Recommendation is New Creation Meditations by Joel Siegel from Faith Church Colorado in Castle Rock, CO.

There are many great books on being led by the Holy Spirit...I believe this book recommendation fits right in with my article this month!
Rev. Michael J. Burns

My Wife and I would like to say, THANK YOU to those of you who have signed on to be our Monthly Prayer and Financial Partner with MJB Ministries. There is no possible way we could do what we are doing without your continued, faithful and monthly support! If you would like to be our Monthly Partner in Prayer & Giving then...
I just wanted you to know a testimony about a Miracle that happened on the 11th of August at about 09:30AM. My nephew Andy and I were in a traffic accident that TOTALED MY CAR AND THE OTHER DRIVER'S CAR. The fire department had to do some work to get both of us out of the car and load us into the ambulance. Andy was in a lot of pain and so was I. 
Get ‘Let Your Glory Fill This House’ Available on ALL Digital Platforms!
This LIVE Praise & Worship recording was produced by our late friend, Randy Estelle. All songs were originally written by Michael J. Burns and performed by my wife Cynthia and several friends. It has been digitally remastered. This is a timeless recording that will take you into the presence of God! 13 Original Songs.
Songs Include: Psalm 95; Crown Him With Many Crowns; Full Sway; Jesus Paid It All; Faithful In The Fire; Building Me Up; Spontaneous Worship; Lord, You Are Worthy To Be Praised; Lord I Worship You; Consecrated To Thee; Let Your Glory Fill This House; Through Christ; and Jesus Is Coming Back Again!
Prayer Focus for MJB Ministries!
Prayer Focus
Prayer Points for MJB Ministries

  • For God’s Wisdom and Direction to be made clear to Us in every area.
  • For Divine Protection in our travels.
  • For Many God Ordained Open doors to minister God’s Word.
  • For a greater manifestation of the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • For Greater Revelation Knowledge of God’s Word!
  • For Divine Provision & for 50 more partners in 2022!
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