November 2022 Issue 011

Welcome to November 2022!

There are FOUR huge things happening during November; Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday the 6th where we Fall back an hour. The National Election happens on Tuesday the 8th. Veterans Day is on the 11th and of course, Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, the 24th. We trust these reminders will help you prepare for these and the upcoming holiday activities as this year of 2022 comes to an end.

**Please read my article on The Sweet Water Revival that I know will inspire both Pastor's, Minister's and Christ Followers! There is a Spiritual Awakening going on in the world and it begins with the Body of Christ experiencing a True Revival.

There are ways we share where you can Host MJB Ministries in Your Church, Conference, Business and City; and We desire your feedback and prayer requests so we can agree with you!

We pray for you each month according to Ephesians 1:15-23 and Ephesians 3:14-21. Never forget that YOU ARE LOVED, FAVORED & BLESSED!
Michael & Cynthia Burns
This video above is a tribute to our Military Personnel as we celebrate Veteran's Day on November 11th. It is our honor to honor them for their Service and Sacrifice!
- Rev. Michael J. Burns
The Sweet Water Revival
Here is a true story of Revival!
It hit Long Island in the 70's & Changed thousands of lives including Mine!
by Rev. Michael J. Burns
From MJB Ministries
Tulsa, Oklahoma
The term 'REVIVAL' is an elusive and often misunderstood idea that many have yet to experience. Sure they have had a born again experience but still they have not quite experienced the thrill of Revival that impacts the lives of many thousands of people that the SWEET WATER REVIVAL touched in Long Island of which me and my family were apart. I pray that this story will touch you at the core of your being and help you experience true revival in your own life individually and corporately!

American Citizens have a very special privilege on November 8th and that is to vote. This is possibly one of the most important elections in our lifetime. Registering to vote can be done online and you can find out where the candidates stand on issues that matter to you as a Christian. If you would like to register online or find out about the candidates in Your State then
Get Your Softcover Copy of my flagship book, Discover the Life You Were Born to Live - Dare to make a difference. Available wherever fine books are sold or Our Website. It is also available as a digital download from your favorite digital store.
Jesus said that...You can have what you say if you believe in your heart and do not doubt. The FACT is YOU ARE HAVING WHAT YOU SAY AND HAVE BEEN SAYING YOUR ENTIRE LIFE! The promises of God are voice activated and it is incumbent on us to be stewards over our mouths and continue to declare what God has said about us. One of the Key Factors is confessing that God's Favor is on us as believers. Use the Favor Confession above by simply clicking on it!
This video above is something that Cynthia and I would like you to take the 5m 34s to view. It is about a new book project we are getting ready to release. We really appreciate you standing with us as MJB Ministries continues to expand its Outreach and Influence!
- Rev. Michael J. Burns
Matthew 18:19-20 is where Jesus told us about the Power of Agreement in Prayer. Agreement is the place of POWER!

Partnership is clearly explained in this recent episode of God's Healing Word with Rev. Michael J. Burns. This is our Financial Stewardship Friday program where biblical financial principles are taught. This is a very special message on why MJB Ministries needs your Prayerful & Financial Partnership!
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This Month's Book Recommendation is War & Recovery - A Spiritual Journey
by Dave Roever
Burned beyond recognition while serving with the US Navy in Vietnam, Dave Roever shares his story of recovery. His role as a resiliency coach with the Department of Defense has taken him to military installations around the globe. As he speaks, shares the truth from God's Word, and leads by example, warriors' lives are transformed. You will laugh. You will cry. And you will be challenged as you read this compilation of vignettes from Dave's life and from the lives of others he has met who have encountered the worst and triumphed. You will be changed.
My Wife and I would like to say, THANK YOU to those of you who have signed on to be our Monthly Prayer and Financial Partner with MJB Ministries. There is no possible way we could do what we are doing without your continued, faithful and monthly support! If you would like to be our Monthly Partner in Prayer & Giving then...
Get ‘Let Your Glory Fill This House’ Available on ALL Digital Platforms!
This LIVE Praise & Worship recording was produced by our late friend, Randy Estelle. All songs were originally written by Michael J. Burns and performed by my wife Cynthia and several friends. It has been digitally remastered. This is a timeless recording that will take you into the presence of God! 13 Original Songs.
Songs Include: Psalm 95; Crown Him With Many Crowns; Full Sway; Jesus Paid It All; Faithful In The Fire; Building Me Up; Spontaneous Worship; Lord, You Are Worthy To Be Praised; Lord I Worship You; Consecrated To Thee; Let Your Glory Fill This House; Through Christ; and Jesus Is Coming Back Again!
Prayer Focus for MJB Ministries!
Prayer Focus
Prayer Points for MJB Ministries

  • For God’s Wisdom and Direction to be made clear to Us in every area.
  • For Divine Protection in our travels.
  • For Many God Ordained Open doors to minister God’s Word.
  • For a greater manifestation of the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • For Greater Revelation Knowledge of God’s Word!
  • For Divine Provision & for 50 more partners in 2022!
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