"You Are My Other Me"
Exploring Intimacy and True Relationship

Live Video Satsang with Anasuya
Wednesday, August 4, 2021
6:30 - 8:00 pm PDT
"When I love you, I love myself." ~ Rumi

When you are not in love with someone, what you are in love with is the story you are telling yourself about them. You and the one you call other are alienated in the frozen landscape of deception that appears between you.

What melts the ice and invites intimacy? Telling the truth may have consequences, but it is also a gateway into deeper freedom and integrity.

As you become aware of the narrative in the mind, you have a choice to simply stop. In the willingness to be seen, opening into truth, the defenses and strategies to avoid being present fall away. Seeing the Light of your own Self reflected in "their" eyes, you are no longer two. Only Seeing, Love meeting Love.

In this evening Satsang, you will have the opportunity to recognize what is True in all your relations.



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Anasuya, born Linda Floan, is the Founder and CEO of Bundananda Center for Silence, a non-profit corporation that exists to support contemplative spiritual guidance and Self-inquiry.

With respect for your unique sacred longing for freedom, Anasuya offers a safe and healing environment for Meeting in the Heart of All

“In ever deepening gratitude,
my life is given in service to your awakening.” ~ Anasuya