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"You've got a friend"...Who do you call when at the last minute a dancer must be replaced for a concert? I panicked, but then I remembered Melissa Young and Nycole Ray who first danced with NYBDC in 2003 and we have stayed in touch with other projects and performances since then.

Now of course, Melissa Young is the Artistic Director of Dallas Black Dance Theatre and Nycole Ray is the Artistic Director of DBDT: ENCORE. Keeping up with them on FB, I saw DBDT was in rehearsal with Covid precautions in place and performing! (catch them this weekend: Buy Tickets)

This was a huge relief as so many companies are less active these days. I got in touch with both Melissa and Nycole and asked for two dancers who would learn one solo each. After giving them an idea of what I needed they sent Marques Furr and Sierra Noelle Jones our way. They are both excellent dancers and I am so grateful to have them with us for our performance on March 20th with the Dallas Bach Society. Buy Tickets NYBDC/DBS Thank you Melissa and Nycole for being there when I needed you and acting so quickly.

I invite you to see us live in person or live on the internet. Matthew Ting, Carly Fox and I will also be dancing. Covid inspired me to put together a concert of masked character solos, thus the name of the concert: Les Caractères de la Danse.

As Pierrot, I will be performing Les Caractères de la Danse with music by Jean Fery Rebel.. Other characters include Apollo, a Bacchante, an Ostrich, a man with 3 legs, Harlequin and Columbine, a Blindfolded Juggler and a village woman carrying someone on her back in a basket.

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The New and Curious School of Theatrical Dancing

Two dances are from this book by Gregorio Lambranzi.

See this book online...
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Renouard Gee, one of the first dancers to perform this role initially inspired by Charles Garth.

After choreographing the 3-Legged Dance in 1985 with its premiere in NYC, the idea and sometimes my exact choreography was copied by Nike for its shoe advertising, by professional comedians and even home DIY people submitting videos to America's Funniest Home Videos. Here is one from SNL

Dance of the Month is an open class, look into dances from 300 years ago: Tell me more...