November Newsflash
We have more surprises waiting for you!
Laurie Langill is getting ready to share exciting news about a fabulous sale that is right around the corner for you and your customers!

Join her at 8 p.m. Central Time in the Consultant Forum.

PLUS she will also share a sneak peek into our plans for the rest of November.
To be eligible for this week's Learn to Earn drawing, do these 3 things:
1. Go to our L'BRI corporate Facebook page, 

2. Click on 'favorites' or 'follow' in the follow settings (you can find the follow settings under the 3 little dots).

3. Find Laurie's post and write "done" in the comments.
ο»ΏDon't miss it!

ALSO: There is a new link that allows your name to be seen when you comment during the LIVE broadcast.
πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰Click here:

Follow that link, then click the blue box "Allow BeLive To Show My Comments" to allow Facebook permissions so Laurie can see your name and photo when you comment.
Join us tonight!