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Faith✟Journey Update for March 24, 2020
Pastoral Care Emergency Line: 701.404.9352
Online Worship
We started Online Worship as part of our strategy to limit contact and help slow the spread of COVID-19 last Wednesday.

WOW - what a response we have had. To date: there have been 6 55 views of our Wednesday worship service and 576 views of Sunday's Worship Service
That is truly amazing.   
Thanks for watching and sharing our live stream with your family & friends. 
I pray that these broadcasts have helped you to worship and feel connected with the the entire FJLC family. It was our privilege to share it with you.
Here’s how to get ready for tomorrow's worship

Decide what technology you are going to use (a phone, a tablet, a computer, a Smart TV) in order to join our Livestream worship service
Make sure you are comfortable and familiar with whatever technology you plan on using.
Be sure to test it in advance of the Service
Go to our Facebook page by clicking this link.
Once you the stream has started, you can share the broadcast or start a watch party and invite others to join you. You can make comments and even ask questions.
Supporting FJLC
Please continue to make a difference in the lives of others and to support our Faith+Journey staff by giving your tithes and offerings either by mail or through our online giving page
You can also support FJLC from your phone at any time - simply text FJLCGive to 77977 and follow the easy steps.

You can mail your offering into the office (127 2nd Ave E, West Fargo, ND 58078) OR you can deposit your offering in the Mail Box which is to the right of the West Parking lot Entrance to the church lobby

We THANK YOU for your continuing support of the FJLC ministry!!!
Tomorrow we will stream our Wednesday Worship Service starting at 6:30.
We will be sharing the Holden Evening Prayer Liturgy. If you would like the words to the Liturgy you can down load them by clicking on the "Worship Resources" Button
Holy Communion

Tomorrow, March 25 we will be offering "Drive by Communion" at the 2nd Ave Campus noon - 1 pm &
5 - 6 pm.
Feel free to share this information with your friends as some of them would like the Sacrament but their congregation cannot accommodate them. Everyone is welcome to receive regardless of church membership, age or denominational background.

There will be a table set up at the WEST LOBBY ENTRANCE. We will use wafers, individual cups and the pouring chalice. We will have gluten free wafers available.
What We All Can Do

• Continue to pray for one another and worship in our new way.

• Continue to share your tithes and offerings . This is a difficult time for our finances. You can share them online , or mail them to the church office, or give through the website. 

Doing this will allow us to continue our ministry, which as you can see from this email, remains extensive.

by keeping your distance and not giving in to the panic - feeling the need to hoard food and supplies. There is plenty of food and supplies in the stores.

Above all else - use common sense when moving about - wash hands, etc. Remember - Jesus came to take away our sins - not our common sense.

TOGETHER we will get through this time of trial and, I am convinced, that not even COVID-19 can separate us from the love of God in christ Jesus - or the love we share as the people of Faith+Journey!
Staff News

Your Staff continues to meet, as always, but we are meeting via Zoom. Right now we are working on keeping connected with our home bound members ( THANKS PARISH NURSES! ) and those in the Hospital. Pr. Rich and I are taking turns calling the local hospitals to see if any of our folk are there and then connecting with them via phone or email.

Ginnie is working on our email lists making sure that everyone is getting connected and we are keeping up on what is going on in each others lives.

Rachel and Suzi continue to connect with the youth and families of FJLC and if there is anything that you are in need of - please do not hesitate to reach out and connect with them.

Carly continues to make sure that the business side of the church is running smoothly and all of our financial responsibilities are being met.

And Sally is in the offie daily to answer the phones, and answer all the questions that many folk are having these days.

YOU HAVE AN AMAZING STAFF! They are really working hard to make sure this time of isolation is as hassle free as it can be....

There are lots of continuing plans in the works to increase our virtual presence so we can continue to stay connected.

Take a Sabbatical
Here’s a thought I want to share with you:   I want to invite you to take a news sabbatical with me sometime this week. I am doing so today.   I have found that the constant drumbeat of hyperventilating news coverage contributes to anxiety and a degrading of the spirit. The body count is not helping. 

So, I have decided not to participate today. No news for me! I would encourage you to join me in fasting from news for a day.   I am going to use that time instead to pray.  I think it is probably far more effective for me today to spend time in prayer than to consume news that is pretty much all the same story anyway. Here are  some verses you might use to focus your own prayer time/news sabbatical.

Pastor Mike
Community Impact Ministry Team

Some of our elderly individuals or those with respiratory disorders may not feel comfortable going to the store for basic needs. The Community Impact Ministry Team is ready to assist you in this daily activities if you would like. If you would like to take advantage of this service Please contact the Pastoral Emergency Line ( 701.404.9352) or Send an Email to request the CIMT team to contact you.
Prayer Concerns

Even when we cannot be together - we are still the church and your staff will be meeting via Zoom for weekly staff meetings.
We earnestly desire to join you in prayer for whatever you might be in need. Click the link and let us know your needs.
Please remember to pray for all those who are apart from their families. Some of our members have family members in other countries and other states across our country. Being apart at during times such as these is particularly hard.

Please also pray for our staff who are separated from those whom we minister.

Holding each other in prayer - connecting in ways that are important and meaningful - being the body of Christ for each other and our neighbors is the way of the Church!
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