October 22, 2022


I planned this program last weekend, but a lot has happened in the last week.  I'll be starting out by addressing the actions of the ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) within the CDC, essentially, recommending the Covid-19 inoculations be added to the Childhood Immunization Program.

I will be joined by John-Michael Dumais of RiseupNH.

My two cents - contributed during the comment period to the CDC this past week...not that it or the 40,000+ other comments mattered....

"If the experimental-only non-vaccine Covid "vaccines" are added to the childhood immunization schedule, you can kiss the childhood immunization schedule goodbye, and public education will fail. These are not "vaccines" as the public thinks of them, as you well know. The "trials" in children presented many concerning problems. What are you thinking? We are not going to sacrifice our children on the altars of Big Pharma and the relentless, vicious greed for power by the others they are enriching. You have unmitigated gall to even suggest such a thing. Those who may have been on the fence regarding the already ridiculous childhood immunization schedule will come down off the fence. Good luck!"

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First, "THE SETUP" last week, October 13...


As a result of the continued consequences of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, on this date and after consultation with public health officials as necessary, I, Xavier Becerra, Secretary of Health and Human Services, pursuant to the authority vested in me under section 319 of the Public Health Service Act, do hereby renew, effective October 13, 2022, the January 31, 2020, determination by former Secretary Alex M. Azar II, that he previously renewed on April 21, 2020, July 23, 2020, October 2, 2020, and January 7, 2021, and that I renewed on April 15, 2021, July 19, 2021, October 15, 2021, January 14, 2022, April 12, 2022, and July 15, 2022, that a public health emergency exists and has existed since January 27, 2020, nationwide.

October 13, 2022






Xavier Becerra

Why was that done?

Hmm... so conveniently timed, right? 

After all, the Covid injections are for "Emergency Use Only," correct? 

Hmm...."So, how can we make them a required part of the childhood vaccination schedule if they are not "vaccines" that have passed FDA approval?" 


"Well, we'll just make sure the emergency never ends!"

Second, "THE KILL" - this week!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices yesterday recommended updates to the 2023 childhood and adult immunization schedules, which include incorporating additional information for approved or authorized COVID-19 vaccines. 

“ACIP’s recommendation to add COVID-19 vaccines to the routinely recommended vaccine schedule represents another step in the nation’s recovery,” CDC said. “It’s important to note that there are no changes in COVID-19 vaccine policy, and today’s action simply helps streamline clinical guidance for healthcare providers by including all currently licensed, authorized and routinely recommended vaccines in one document.”

What to Do?

"The past few days have been a whirlwind. We have heard from so many of you, who are scared, confused, and angry. This recent move by the CDC is just another attempt to put us in a constant state of confusion, panic, and fear. They want us to believe that what they do matters. Yet again, they are creating an appearance of a mandate, while in reality, they have no power to force any shot on us. Our mission at Stand for Health Freedom has always been to rise above the chaos to ensure that Americans are empowered to make the best health decisions for themselves and their family. We know that you, not the CDC or their close friends in Big Pharma, have the power. And while at times it may feel like an insurmountable task, we know that TOGETHER we can WIN!"

Know and exercise your rights...

It's important to keep in mind that most states accept religious exemptions for childhood vaccines.  The reason they had us over a barrel with religious exemptions for adult Covid shot mandates here in New Hampshire is that since there never were vaccine requirements for adults, nothing was already set in place.  There was no established process or procedure.  Not so, when it comes to the childhood vaccination schedule.  

Homeschooling Options and State Exemptions for Childhood Vaccines

How to escape the COVID-19 childhood vaccination schedule that may be coming to your state soon.

See More - Excellent Resource by Robert Malone

Excellent Local Resources

"Safe & Effective?"

95 Percent of Corpses Had Received COVID Vaccination Within 2 Weeks of Death: Funeral Director

But in the "real" world of science & health!

Botanical Medicine for Immune System Support, Cold 'n Flu


Elderberry Benefits for Colds, Flus, Allergies and More. Hippocrates, the ancient Greek known as the “Father of Medicine,” described the plant as his “medicine chest” because of the wide array of health concerns it seemed to treat. 


More and more studies are proving that olive leaf extract is a powerful medicinal tool, with benefits, including immune system support, increased energy and promoting healthy blood pressure.


Once known as an alternative way to prevent the common cold, now echinacea is quickly becoming known for multiple uses and benefits — from helping combat cancer to alleviating pain.


Today’s traditional uses of goldenseal have broadened to include the natural treatment and prevention of colds, respiratory tract infections, allergies, eye infections, digestive issues, canker sores, vaginitis, urinary tract infections and even cancer. 


Antiviral, Anticancer and Immunoboosting Efficacy of Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera L.) with Special Reference to COVID-19

More on the Health Benefits of Ashwagandha


Fenugreek is used as a spice in food preparation as well as taken as an herbal supplement. First used medicinally by the Egyptians, fenugreek eases congestion when brewed into a tea. Drinking water that fenugreek seeds have been soaked in may dissolve mucus in your lungs, throat and sinuses. In a more potent form -- such as tincture or pill -- fenugreek may lower cholesterol and glucose levels. 


The main compounds in the plant are called andrographolides, and they are known for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects. This allows Andrographis to be used as a natural immune-booster that fights infections and improves cold and flu symptoms.


Cleavers herb enhances the function of the lymphatic system and improves the lymphatic systems ability to flush out toxins, decrease congestion and reduce swelling. These effects also help to enhance the immune system.


This powerful herb is not only antiviral — it also has anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic and antioxidant properties. These health-promoting attributes may make cat’s claw helpful as a natural treatment for arthritis, allergies, asthma, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer, viral infections, ulcers, hemorrhoids and more. 

For thousands of years, pau d’arco has been used as an antiviral herb. The range of viruses stunted by pau d’arco tea extends from those that cause the common cold to those that are responsible for the life-threatening AIDS virus.


All of these plant medicines found in my original formula Flu-ENZ


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Finally, learning from our mistakes...

What have we done? 

What are we doing

Let's just stop.


‘Preposterous’: FDA, CDC Authorize New COVID Boosters for Kids as Young as 5 — With No Data, No Independent Review

‘Everyday Heroes’? Pfizer Taps Marvel’s Avengers to Push COVID Boosters to Kids

Appalling... Can you believe it?

Yes, this is much better!

Faces are arguably the most important social stimulus for humans and likely the most effective tool for promoting and supporting infant learning; see more. 

COVID Lockdowns Damaged Speech and Mental Development of Children, Teachers Say
Study Finds that Lockdowns and Mask Mandates Seriously Harmed Children

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla a no-show - what a coward!

This is huge... members of the the EU parliament realizing they and their citizens have been lied to, betrayed, and in many cases killed and irreparably harmed by the Covid-19 lies...they are angry, and well they should be... and so should we....

Covid Vaccines, Prions, Dementia, Death


The Covid vaccines appear to be responsible for the emergence of a new, fast-acting form of the deadly neurodegenerative condition Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), a study by a leading virologist has found. This is the disease one form of which in cows is Mad Cow disease and it is always fatal.

Your Health Matters; Guard it well!

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