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January | 2021
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‘Caught in a global pandemic and economic storm, innovation may look like a blue-sky indulgence. But what if survival and recovery are only possible through re-invention? It’s an unsettling thought but hang on to it – this is the new reality’.
Those words appear in the Foreword to our new book: ‘Innovation in a Climate of Fear’. They spell out a very basic truth. In our ‘new normal’, where disruption and change are the only status quo, we are left with one brutal, binary choice. Do we seize the initiative or suffer the consequences?
Whether you are a confident innovation champion or a slightly risk-averse sceptic, we are here to help you in 2021. In a year of unprecedented change and challenge, Clustre will be your trusted companion throughout your innovation journey.
Our latest executive briefing...
How do you capture critical front-line data faster and more efficiently?

How do you share this intelligence instantly with technical teams, service centres and business developers?

How do you deliver seamless customer satisfaction within a hugely complex, cost-competitive industry?

We invited Ramani Hariharan – head of ENGIE’s New Business Factory – to answer these key questions at our December breakfast briefing. You can download his fascinating insights.
Our 'Innovation of the Year Award'...
The ‘Innovation of the Year’ award is our way of recognising and rewarding the achievements of leading innovators. Six top contenders – including Fluxx Consulting, AltViz, Filament AI, Wazoku and Skillsoft – were all shortlisted for the 2020 inaugural award. But the final stand-out winner was Zuhlke for their critical work with DHSC during this Covid crisis.

To learn more about this pioneering project, click here.

Or join our virtual breakfast seminar on February 24th register here.
Our recommended read...
Why is national defence now the front-line of innovation?

" We are fighting 21st century conflicts with
20th century equipment and
19th century concepts."
Col. Jason Lamb AKA “Col. Ned Stark”

jHub – the central innovation hub of the MOD’s Strategic Command – is in the front-line of new thinking. This thought-triggering article is a powerful and sobering reminder of why our nation needs innovation.
Our next event is tomorrow...
Wednesday, 13th January, 9.00 – 10.00am

This briefing is tomorrowbook your place today.
How do you navigate your business through the post-pandemic minefield?

In less than 24-hours, we provide the thought-provoking answers
How do you shape and lead vital innovation initiatives… how do you inspire new thinking for the ‘new normal’… how do successful companies iterate through complexity… making a virtue of failure to learn faster and deliver far quicker progress?

For the first in our new-year series of ‘Innovation Talks’ we have invited Richard Poole (the MD of Fluxx Consulting) and Claire White (the MD of Omnivia) to openly share their insights.