JULY 2019
Your Move-In Experience Step By Step  
Move-in days and  RAMDITION  are right around the corner! August 9 and 10 will be here before you know it. Check out the all-new  RAM Move-In website  and follow the steps below to help make your move-in day fun and successful.  
Step 1: 
Get Some Move-In Day Advice from Legacy Leaders
Step 2: 
Make Sure You Are RAM READY
Being  RAM READY  is your ticket to move into your residence hall. Please complete the  RAM READY steps  before  July 31, 2019 . RAM READY students can proceed directly to their residence halls for move-in. Students who aren’t RAM READY will have to visit the One Stop Service Center to complete their unmet requirements. 
Step 3: 
Get Your Move-In Date and Map
The  WSSU RAM Move-In website  has all the information you need! First-year students move in on August 9 and 10. Find the  specific date  for your residence hall and download your  move-in map PDF
Step 4: 
Get Packing & Bring  Appropriate Attire  
for the Archway Ceremony
Make your room RAMazing with items from the  “Things to Bring”  list. Make sure to leave the  “Do Not Bring”  elements at home. Also be sure to  pack appropriate attire  for the Through the Archway ceremony. 
Step 5: 
Explore Living with a Roommate and Residence Hall FAQs
Never lived with a roommate before? This page has some  ice-breaker questions  and tips from our SGA President and Mr. WSSU. Also, check out these helpful  FAQs  about residence hall life, resident assistants, furniture and amenities, and residence hall safety.  
Step 6: 
  Finish Your Move-In and Enjoy RAMDITION
You will meet your Legacy Leader when you move. S/he will provide you with your personalized schedule for  RAMDITION . Have fun!