Your November Innovation News
November | 2020
Our next executive breakfast briefing
How do you capture critical front-line data faster and more efficiently? How do you share this intelligence instantly with technical teams, service centres and business developers? How do you deliver seamless customer satisfaction within a hugely complex, cost-competitive industry?

Ramani Hariharan – head of Engie’s New Business Factory – answers these key questions at our December 9th breakfast briefing.
How to innovate from a distance
Discover your passion for innovation
in a pandemic
The Covid-19 crisis has forced us into remote innovation and presented challenges that demand superfast reactions. Richard Poole – Managing Partner of Fluxx, the audacious innovation consultants – explains why we must discover our passion for innovation and respond rapidly to daunting challenges coming down the line.
Our new innovation snippet
Where do you innovate to overcome today’s most urgent frustrations? How can re-invention make this new normal less challenging? Andrew Simmonds goes back in time to draw comparisons and to challenge us all to find innovation solutions.