Your September Innovation News
September | 2020
Our October executive briefing
How do you deploy AI and IA across multiple data sets and multiple organisations in record time? A true account of the race to capture and distil crowd-sourced symptom data in time to control the impact of Covid-19. The two Executive leaders share the business lessons at our unique October executive briefing.
Our latest executive summary
As the government tries to breathe life back into the economy, how do businesses build a secure, sustainable and productive hybrid working environment? Four thought-leaders share their revealing insights:
Our new innovation snippet
From a rooftop in Venice, Andrew Simmonds reflects on how Venice is ‘building back better’ after the Covid crisis. He explains how Italy – once the European epicentre of the pandemic – is now putting quality at the forefront of its economic recovery. 
Our 'C' level video interview
In the mid-2000s, the government blindsided an entire industry with game-changing legislation. Learn from a COO how one company used this opportunity to become agile and turn the crisis into a commercial success.