October 2020 | Issue 7
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Recent Events
St. Pius X High School 2020-2021 Opening Plan
As of the writing of this newsletter, St. Pius X High School has been in full, in-class operation for 7 weeks. Thus far, less than 10 students have tested positive for COVID-19...and none of those cases have been traced back to the school. The predominant transmission occurs with family/friends outside of school. Presently, we do not have a single student, staff or faculty member out with a positive test. We believe this favorable outcome is the result of our study of the Covid-19 infection, development of a safety protocol, and execution of that protocol in the school environment. 

St. Pius X wants to continue to provide in-class instruction. To do so, we understand the importance and need to maintain a safe and healthy school environment. Throughout the spring and summer, St. Pius X leadership absorbed an incredible amount of information, suggestions and recommendations on how to proceed with the 2020/2021 school year. As educators, we understand the value of offering regularly, in-class learning for our students.

President Jim Lehn, Principal Karen DeCosty, and Athletic Director Tilden Watson met with the Jefferson County Health Department (JCHD) on August 14, 2020. Based on this conversation we updated and then recirculated the school’s opening protocols. These protocols included, but are not limited to, social distancing (6 ft, 15-minute rule), masking, disinfecting, isolation/quarantine, classroom/lunch arrangements, and arrival/dismissal processes.  

If someone within the school tests positive, JCHD approved protocols are put into action. Each case is evaluated individually and the appropriate persons, usually parents, are contacted directly by the school. The extraordinary faculty at St. Pius X High School will continue to educate affected students virtually. 

The extensive details of the St. Pius X Opening Protocols can be reviewed on the following PDF. A tremendous amount of research, thought, and effort went into the protocol’s preparation.
Class of 2020 College Update
The 2020 class included 80 graduates, 78 of whom chose to attend college, with one joining the US Navy and another starting a full-time job immediately after graduation. The college attendees have largely been able to start their freshman year on campus across the country. There were a few exceptions. A young man who is enrolled at Sacramento State University in California is taking all of his classes online while staying here in the Festus area. Two other students elected to start at Jefferson College for a semester rather than enrolling at their first choice four-year school, with the intention of transferring to that school either at semester or next fall. We wish all these Lancers the best of luck this semester and beyond.
St. Pius X High School Golf Tournament
The numbers are in and again, we are humbled and grateful for our StPX community’s support of our 31st Annual Golf Tournament held on July 31 at Oak Valley Golf Course!
We had a record number of teams participate this year….33 teams in the morning flight and 25 in the afternoon flight.  
There were four new sponsors in 2020. Special thanks to Arnold Stove and Fireplace, DuPont, Bloomsdale Bank and Roselawn Monuments for joining us this year as sponsors and thank you to Lakenan Insurance and Thermal Mechanics, Inc. for their continued support of our tournament.  
Special THANK YOU to Larry Krodinger, our chairman. Even during these challenging times, we netted just over $40,000 for this year! THANK YOU to all the volunteers and alumni who came out and helped pull off such a spectacular event. Your commitment to St. Pius X is commendable!  
Please join us next year at Oak Valley Golf Course on Friday, July 30, 2021.
Faculty Focus: Kevin Halley
Kevin Halley, ‘98 is the Director of Technology and Instructor of Coding & Programming and Robotics. He is also the head coach of the Lancer softball team.  
This year marks his 13th year teaching at St. Pius X High School and 18th year coaching. Kevin has worn many hats while at St. Pius X, including Dean of Students, Athletic Director, Assistant to the Principal along with teaching a number of business classes. In addition to softball, he has coached girls soccer and girls & boys basketball. He is an active member of the Missouri High School Coaches Association and National Fastpitch Coaches Association.   
Kevin’s position has taken a central role this school year. While the school’s goal is to educate its students in person for the entirety of the school year, there is the possibility that they will need to go virtual for a period of time. If this were to happen, Kevin will assist the teachers and students with the transition to virtual learning.  
“The teachers have gained a lot of experience these past few months,” he said. “They have been learning about the tools available to them to continue giving students a great education. It's not an easy endeavor, educating virtually, but if it's what has to be done to make sure we are reaching and connecting with the students, we will do it.”
He is married to a fellow alum Erin (Dittmann) Halley ‘00. They have two daughters, Brynn and Ryann. In his free time, he enjoys cooking and doing things with his family.

Featured Alumni: Tim '85 and Mike '88 Miller
On Sunday, July 12, 2020, Tim Miller ‘85 and Michael Miller ‘88 passed away in Lake Pleasant, AZ. Countless alumni reached out to share their condolences and memories. Ron Ott ‘85 had recently been to Arizona to visit the Miller brothers. He, his mother, Donna (Schmitt ‘63) Ott, Annette (Blume ‘85) Doré, and Roy Bequette ‘88 were gracious enough to share some of their fondest memories.
Ron, Tim, and Mike attended St. Rose of Lima School in Desoto, MO together. The boys participated in St. Rose Cub Scouts, played softball, and were together all the time during recess on the St. Rose play yard. As they got older, the boys would walk to St. Rose softball practice after school and stop in at the legendary DeSoto "Pink" store. When they were older, Tim and Ron would go to the creek behind Tim's grandmas to fish and wade. Along with Mike, they often played bottle caps in both families' yards.
During their days at St. Pius X High School, Tim was a friend to everyone, always up for a new adventure, or just hanging out. He loved to laugh! Annette, Tim, and Ron all had a free period at the same time and would frequently spend it in the concession stand studying for an upcoming test or just chatting. A few favorite memories are of the Wiffle ball tournament and the floor hockey game in the gym after Thanksgiving. Everyone was so competitive but what a great time! There was also the time when a group of guys, Tim included, under the direction of Cindy Carron, recreated the Thriller video for a talent show. Man, they were so good! It was such a huge secret until the night of the performance. Tim was letting his hair grow long, and it really needed to be cut. Somewhere in the performance he flipped his head and created “smoke”. He had baby powder in his hair!  
Annette remembers Tim loved playing football and baseball as a Lancer, and he was good at both. He worked all through high school at a gas station and bought a brown Monte Carlo. Ron recalled cruising Main Street in that car and carpooling up to Arnold to see the “Pius Girls”. They both agree there are too many memories to list… parties with friends, hanging out in the halls between classes, Homecomings, Proms, Ring Day, Graduation. And, some of his favorite sayings, ‘You dirty dog!,’ ‘Ooh doggie!’, ‘Cool beans!’ – for those of you who knew him, they bet you just heard those in his voice. 

Annette shared that “Tim will forever be missed. Godspeed, my friend! May God’s perpetual light shine upon you!”

Roy stated that Mike impacted people in ways he never knew and was too humble to take credit where credit was due. He had an infectious personality, as raw as it was, made him fun to be around and easy to be his friend. Everyone who encountered Mike was treated like family. He was kind and strong, loving but torn, gentle yet tough, and had faith in the lord. Mike put everyone before himself even if it resulted in going without. His positivity in life was unwavering. Mike has a beautiful daughter that he loved unconditionally. He found the love of his life for too short of time but will remain with her till the end of time. 
Roy shared that before Mike passed he had expressed to his daughter that his life was great and he was truly happy. He had loved his daughter Lauren, his stepson Cody, and his wife Mona more than words could express, and if God were to take him tomorrow that would be ok. Oddly enough his older brother Tim made the same statement just hours apart, while also speaking with Mike's daughter Lauren. When those brave statements were made they couldn’t have anticipated the life-changing event that the future would bring. Mike was not just Roy’s friend but his best friend and he will be dearly missed.  

Ron and his wife Kelly were fortunate enough to have recently visited with Tim and Mike in Arizona. While visiting, they spent a few days renewing and remembering their old friendships. Mike was the pushing force to make this visit happen, and the visit was exceptional. The reconnection was set, and plans for many future hunting trips and visits were being made. 

Tim and Mike were both genuine, honest, caring, helpful, and generous people. They will be missed by many. The St. Pius X Community will continue to keep Tim and Mike Miller, their family, and friends in their prayers.
StPX Day of Giving
One of the most important days on the St. Pius X calendar is fast approaching. Thursday, November 5th -- the St.Pius X Day of Giving. This is the day each year with a special focus on and strong commitment to the capital and operating needs of the school. St. Pius X operates at a significant deficit. Annually, during the full fiscal year (July), about $220,000 is contributed to The Fund for St. Pius X which covers almost 25% of the deficit. Needless to say, this financial support is vital to continuing the school. The Fund has grown from $75,000 over the past five years. Last year, the Fund received contributions from 333 alumni. In one 24-hour day, our goal is to achieve $100,000! Please mark your calendar. You can donate online through the St. Pius X website.

For questions about The Fund for St. Pius X contact:

Mrs. Beth Ervin
Director of The Fund for St. Pius X
(636) 931-7487 ext. 113
Hall of Fame
The St. Pius X High School Hall of Fame inductions began in 1998. With the most recent 2019 induction of Barb Charboneau ('65), the total inductees has grown to 38, typically with two new inductees each year.  

Hall of Fame nominees/inductees are people who have demonstrated a commitment to the St. Pius X community by extraordinary service and contributions over an extended period. Inductees are selected by the Alumni Association officers and Committee Chairs.
Alumni Ambassador Committee
Attention Alumni! 
Are you interested in becoming a class representative for your graduation class? Class Representatives serve as liaisons between their classmates, the school and its activities. Representatives are encouraged to participate in outreach activities throughout the school year and help garner interest from other alumni to reconnect and stay connected with St. Pius X High School.  

If you are interested in learning more about the being a Class Representative or the Alumni Association, please contact Andrew Held '92, Alumni Association Ambassador Committee Co-Chair,
andyjenheld@gmail.com I 314-435-2024 or Diana Parker '01, Alumni Relations Coordinator at dparker@stpius.com I 636-931-7487 ext.106.
Year of the Lancer
It’s been 40 years since the St. Pius Class of 1980 graduated.The St. Pius X High School Alumni Association asked us to recall a little about the class of 1980 and what was going on in 1980 as we were seniors readying ourselves to take a major step in our lives.
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