(Courtesy of National Geographic Linked in-photograph by Benjamin Rasmussen)  
"You have to un-mute...unmute !" . 
How many times have you heard that in the past six weeks? ZOOM FATIGUE is a thing.  
Whether you're hanging out on Google, Skyping or FaceTiming the COVID-19 pandemic has thrust our lives into a virtual space.  Check out this fascinating article from 
From my experience as a  qualitative researcher, this makes perfect sense: you emote more when you're featured on a little box on a screen. "The brain focuses partly on the words being spoken, but also derives additional meaning from dozens of non-verbal cues...fidgeting, eye rolls, etc. convey very important messages.   Multi-person screens challenge the brain's central vision, forcing it to decode many people at once". 

A colleague also confessed this past week that she had ZOOM FOMO -fear of missing out.  It's impossible to catch every zoom when you're juggling work and house. 
Here are some words of wisdom from my zooms and surfs this week. 

As a follow-up to joyfulplate: on being human the title of OMD consumer behavior changes forever caught my attention.  "Five weeks in, people are working their way back to the hierarchy of needs, away from initial survival instincts  to growth mindsets. ..we see a turbocharged version  of human evolution in front of our eyes. Everything that experts have anticipated for years is now happening at breakneck speed: consumers are in charge! throwing tradition and routines over board, doing what it takes to cope with new realities."
I n the Foodbytes! Rabobank webinar last week, there was a great discussion on risk optimization to transform systems for growth: "companies need to 
shift the mindset  so teams can make many bets into the "New Need' with a high degree of expected failure, to  get to n ew commercial truths ." (David Kidder, Bionic).  
"Emerging brands must be e-commerce enabled, both DTC and B2B. There is now a democratized choice mechanism, entrepreneurs need to be where consumers are looking for the product....."the masses are hording toilet paper, entrepreneurs are installing bidets". Love that! from (Elliot Begoun,TIG).   
Click here fo r a blog and audio recap of Food Bytes! Fast Pivot webinar.   
On the  Foundermade Power Hour   Randy Hetrick, Founder & Co-chairman of TRX   drew on experiences from his 14 years as a commando as a US Navy SEAL:
"Take action, fearlessly".  
"Set realistic expectations. Accomplish one or two big things daily".  
"Become a service link to your customers for now.  
There aren't many moments in life where you can help...m onetize later".

That's exactly what we did as a team of concerned colleagues this month to try to 
thinktank a  better way forward  on the subject of food waste and food insecurity. 

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