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We hope that you are enjoying the beautiful summer sunshine as we continue to work remotely and from safe distances during these unforgettable times. The BIA Team is ever ready to serve you through:

  • Advocacy - Our BIASC Advocacy Team continues to monitor all new developments related to the building industry to best serve our members and to establish best practices to help the continuing of conducting business safely. Please see below for our latest Government Affairs Update and please join our Government Affairs Webinar The Future of Doing Business in California – Part 2: A State Outlook tomorrow, Wednesday, July 21 at 10:00AM featuring guest speakers from the California Building Industry Association (CBIA), the California Business Properties Association, the California Business Roundtable, and the California Chamber of Commerce.


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SB 743 – Vehicle Miles Traveled 

As I’m sure you have seen by now, the BIASC along with its Chapters and other business organizations, levied a region-wide campaign asking the Governor to delay VMT implementation on July 1st. The Orange County Chapter is happy to report that OC’s largest cities and the County itself supported the concept and sent in letters or passed Resolutions asking the Governor for a delay. In addition, through our online advocacy efforts, BIASC generated over 50,000 emails and letters from local members and constituents that were sent to local Electeds and the Governor’s office. While the policy’s implementation was not delayed, a bi-partisan and statewide message was sent to the leaders in Sacramento that now is not the time to push people from their cars and into mass transit.  

The BIA is also tracking the methodologies and thresholds that each City plans to or has adopted within the So Cal region. Should you want info on a specific city, please reach out to Steve LaMotte

City of Anaheim

The City of Anaheim Planning Commission directed staff to return with increased parking regulations that could be applied to single family small lot and multi family. In a nutshell, staff is to propose a reduction in allowable tandem parking percentages for multifamily developments and increase the amount of parking required for small lot development. BIAOC submitted a letter asking that the Planning Commission not propose increased regulations that will slow and add cost to home creation, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Cities need to look at ways to reduce development costs and regulations as housing is needed more than ever. We will continue to keep you updated on this and encourage BIA members to write the Planning Commission to this effect.  

On a more positive note, the City of Anaheim recently voted to participate in the statewide community infrastructure improvement program, due to the request from one of our member developers. This will allow landowners and developers to apply for tax exempt bonds to finance development impact fees or public improvement projects required by the City. The hope is that it will free up important capital for the developer and can incentive housing production – a great move in the right direction. 

Should you have any further questions, please reach out to Steve LaMotte

Santa Ana 

The City of Santa Ana is looking to update their Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) policy. In several recent City Council meetings, Council members have debated whether to decrease or increase the impact of the burdensome policy. While the Council is somewhat divided, all can agree that the City wants to see Building move forward for the sake of their local economy. BIAOC has been engaged and has offered written and verbal comment on the policy. A recent ad hoc committee met, and an updated proposal should be out soon. Per the City, not one builder has paid the IZ fee since 2015 when it was drastically increased to $15 per square foot, yet hundreds of units have been approved. If you have any questions, please contact Steve LaMotte


The City of Placentia has recently updated various Fire Fees as the City transitions from the OC Fire Authority to an internal Fire Department. The BIAOC is happy to report that all fees discussed were reduced. Should you want a copy of the Staff report, or have any questions, please contact Steve LaMotte
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