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Santa Ana 

The City of Santa Ana officially voted to reduce their Inclusionary Zoning fee from $15 to $5 per sq. ft. The initial proposal was $5 for future projects, and $10 for projects in the pipeline with 6 months to pull permits or pay the $15. Spearheaded by the BIAOC, along with a coalition of business and housing groups, we asked for all projects to receive the $5 fee and a year for pipeline projects to pull permits for the lower fee – all of our asks were accepted and approved by the city council. This is a major win for housing. According to staff, there were thousands of units that were approved but have yet to pull permits since the fee was increased in 2015. There is also a significant amount of housing units that will be built as the city updates their housing element. Should you have any questions, please contact Steve LaMotte.  

La Habra – Rancho La Habra Project 

The Rancho La Habra development by Lennar is headed to city council in October. The project was recently met with significant NIMBY opposition at the planning commission, and was ultimately not recommended by the appointed body. The public hearing was conducted via zoom over the course of three nights – and was met with significant NIMBY opposition attempting to delay and kill the project. The project is drastically needed in the City, Rancho La Habra would set aside almost 40 acres of public open space, including a new public park and community center, along with over 4 miles of new trails. In addition, Rancho La Habra would generate $1.2 million in annual revenue to the city’s general fund, while also contributing over $50 million for local schools over the next ten years. BIASC was able to collect over 7,000 support signatures that were submitted for the Planning Commission meeting, with that number climbing over 11,000 for the City Council meeting. Should you have any questions, please contact Steve LaMotte

Orange Transportation Fee  

The City of Orange recently moved forward with updating their transportation fee. The fee has not been updated in over 12 years, and is applied to commercial, retail and residential development. Furthermore, the capital improvement project list that ultimately makes up the per door fee, was recently updated to include millions of dollars in new unvetted projects, including millions towards bike lanes. The increase was initially proposed to be 44% on single family development, with no plans to phase in the increase. BIAOC worked with staff and the Council to ask that the increase mirror CPI over the 12 years and phase in the increase over a certain time period. The council ultimately approved a 25% increase and plans to phase the increase in over 3 Years! Should you have any questions, contact Steve LaMotte, and see our letter HERE. 

Anaheim Housing Committee 

In an effort to counter the persistent push for inclusionary zoning, the city created a housing committee to study proactive ways to build housing. A rough policy document was presented to the BIAOC along with a varying degree of housing organizations for input and comment. The document is a great step in the right direction, focusing on Advocating for CEQA reform, creating an ambassador program to work with developers processing through the city, looks at waiving and analyzing city fees to make sure development is not being hindered, and pledges to work with the BIA to create a development tool kit. The document was adopted by the City Council in September and can be viewed HERE. Should you have any questions, contact Steve LaMotte.
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Join BIAOC NextGen for an online Morning Buzz meeting with Steve Ormonde, founder and president of Focus 360.
Upcoming Events
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Join BIAOC NextGen for an online Morning Buzz meeting with Steve Ormonde, founder and president of Focus 360.
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