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June 2020
Dear Cellar Door community,

As a reminder, we're closely monitoring the quickly developing effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. On June 1st, we will continue to be open for phone orders and curbside pickup, and we'll return our hours of operation to Monday-Saturday, 10 am-6 pm.

We are also adding browse-by-appointment slots of 20 minutes maximum. You must call or email ahead of time to sign up for an appointment and receive confirmation of your appointment by Cellar Door staff. No walk-ins are permitted, and no one will be allowed inside without a properly worn mask and a healthy administration of hand sanitizer upon entrance (which we can provide). Children must be old enough to keep their masks on, and understand that touching is limited or be held in a parent's arms. You will not be in the store with more than two other book lovers at once. No in-store seating is available at this time. Thank you for your understanding and patience while we all navigate these difficult times!

As we carefully, thoughtfully step towards exercising more freedoms, I want to share with you a story, an unexpected gift. I visit my acupuncturist once a week to relieve back pain (it so helps!) and since his business has slowed a bit, he had been spending more time at home, as have his teenage daughter, son, and wife. Before COVID, his daughter had become a puzzle to him, but his wife had a good relationship with her, and so he took comfort in that. Early in the shelter-at-home order, his rules, his daughter was reading The Giver and asked her father to read it too. I wish I could convey the excitement with which he told me of their conversations, about society's rules, who makes decisions, what memory - even horrible memories - grant us, and the price of utopia. They read the entire series, and it opened a world of discussion, contemplation, understanding, and connection. Now his son has joined in on their conversations. I look forward each week to hearing his stories, but mostly to seeing the depth of happiness this connection has brought him. In light of this story, I've offered some titles (click the buttons below) for you and your families. There is much to discuss, history to bring to life, issues to understand, and what better way to do this than with a story and your children?

Lastly, how do I begin to thank you, all of you, who have shown such love and support for Cellar Door Bookstore during this crisis? We have all struggled financially, emotionally, and physically to figure out how to manage, and you reached out with kind words, orders, and respect for each other and the power of books. Rachelle Cruz, thank you for coming up with, reaching out to authors, hosting, and doing all of the work to make #cellardoorseries the great success it is! To all of our amazing authors - Liz Harmer, Rachelle Cruz, Isabel Quintero, Roxane Gay, and Nalo Hopkinson - if only I could borrow your word magic to express my gratitude - thank you! And to all of you who donated money to keep us afloat, your money went to buying over a thousand dollars of books which were distributed to families who were picking up food at one of our schools. You gave the gift of a book to a child who had no access during this crisis and helped Cellar Door! Thank you! To those whose orders took longer than we are accustomed to, thank you for understanding that everyone along the way to getting those books to you (publisher warehouses, UPS and USPS workers, booksellers, etc.) is trying to keep people safe. Finally, I want to thank my amazing booksellers who are putting themselves at risk to get books to our community.

Linda Sherman-Nurick
Cellar Door Bookstore
(951) 787-7807

Customer service: info@cellardoorbookstore.com
Books to discuss with your kids:
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Book Clubs

Book clubs will continue online; you should be receiving information about them the week before your scheduled book club. As there are no fees to join any of our book clubs, we ask that you please order book club selections from us! We've included links in all of our event listings so that you can easily order online.

To view our current book club schedule, visit our Event Calendar or Facebook Event calendar below.
June Staff Picks
Repo Virtual by Corey J. White: In a near-distant future, technology has saturated everyday life and the line between reality and virtual reality has become nonexistent. This new society is cold and calculating, devaluing the individual while raising its corporate overlords to new heights on the strength of a rigged economy and manipulative technologies. JD is a virtual repo-man and real life thief trying his best to survive in a world that is not built for him, and when his sibling asks him for help in stealing a piece of tech that turns out to be the first true AI, he is dragged into a conflict that challenges the ideals of this new era. Part corporate heist, part exploration of a technology-driven future, and all classic cyberpunk counterculture, this book is an absolute must-read. - David
Dissolution by C.J. Sansom: Historical mystery fans are probably wondering how I have missed this for so long! England in 1537 is divided between those who support King Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell, his feared vicar general, and those faithful to the Catholic Church. Matthew Shardlake, esq. is tasked by Cromwell with finding out who murdered a royal commissioner at a monastery, but his quest leads him to question is faith in the men he serves and the very system which separates the poor and wealthy by so very much. The struggles of a good man to find the path of what is good and right in a world so corrupt that it is akin to a path through marshes on a rainy night resonates powerfully today. Historical mystery lovers rejoice!
- Linda
The Arc of the Scythe ( Scythe, Thunderhead, The Toll ) by Neal Schusterman: In a world that has eradicated death, famine, war, and conquest, the only question of concern is that of overpopulation. There simply is not enough land to support exponential human growth, but who among us has the right to control the population? This trilogy focuses on the Scythedom, the trained killers trusted to impart a True Death to whoever they wish; and the Thunderhead, the AI that has allowed humanity to thrive but does not believe life, something they themselves do not possess, falls under their jurisdiction. The ensuing power struggle between the Scythedom and the Thunderhead culminates with two apprentices and the Scythes who trained them.
- Steven
Between Gens Book Club with Claire
We're reading between generations! Have you ever met the amazing, wonderful, brilliant, fantastic, incredibly fun Claire Jefferson-Glipa? She would be the one with a huge stack of books for her two kids, Hezekiah and Naomi. We are SO excited that Claire has agreed to run an adult/teen book club for us via Zoom on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month at 6 pm!

Teens are welcome even if no adult is available to join them, and we encourage anyone (not just parents) who would like to enjoy the book discussions with their teens to join. Their first meeting will be June 9th at 6 pm and they will be discussing the following short stories from the collection by Patrice Caldwell, A Phoenix First Must Burn: "Wherein Abigail Fields Recalls Her First Death And, Subsequently, Her Best Life" by Rebecca Roanhorse and "A Hagiography of Starlight" by Somaiya Daud. We have copies of Phoenix in-store, so get yours and prepare for good company and fine discussion!
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