Hi #comicmarketeers,


Dark Horse Comics has announced their new day & date digital plans.


I was very disapointed to hear this news via Newsarama. ( Dark Horse did not even give retailers the courtesy of an e-mail to tell us first)


My problem with their plans  is that their day & date comics are going to go for $1.99 instead of being the same price as print like the other publishers. They are competing directly with shops & undercutting price.


This is a BIG step over the line. 


Print  superior product & justifies a higher price, however in theese trying economic times price could be a huge draw to digital.


I love the digital delivery system for comics, it has so much potential to expand the medium,  however discounting the same day is more likely to simply convert readers to digital & kill print.


Dark horse is NOT behaving like a publishing partner, they are simply using the LCS  as a delivery system.

The price to use this delivery system has just gone up in my shop. 

 I work with publishers & creators that work with me.
Dark Horse's shelf space loss is another small press Indy publisher's gain.


I urge other retailers to join me February for: Dark Horse Appreciation Month.

I'm ordering what my customers want & nothing else. 

Larry Doherty
Larry's Wonderful, Wonderful World of Comics n such.




Retailers, please participate! E-Mail quotes to larryscomicsinc@aol.com 

#comicmarket depends on us!