Larry the dumb internet animal is back with another apology.

I screwed up again. 


last night I'm on Twitter, like I am EVERY night talking comics.


When Christian chimed in with:


I took it as a spirited jab at me, "Larry the print guy."

At first I didn't know that Christian was transgender. I had NO clue.
The first Sir was just a post.

I'm not trying to weasel out here. Once I figured it out I continued to post what I thought were spirited jabs right back. Dude. Man. Fellow.

I thought I was being funny. I now realize how insensitive it was.

I screwed up.

I'm sorry Christian.

Read the timeline for yourselves instead of vindictive blogs.
decide for yourself if I was being a moron or committing a hate crime.

Love. Not Hate.

Larry Doherty
Larry's Wonderful, Wonderful World of Comics n such.