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Pictured above is senior Spencer Bazsika at Texas A&M Geoscience opportunity.  He was one of 60 students selected across the US to participate.  Congrats Spencer!

We hope you are enjoying the summer break!

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Our Vision


Congrats to slass of 2020 (right to left) Madie Buys and Lily Klein and class of 2021 Alyssa Sansome representing Cooper in the St. Elizabeth All Star Volleyball game.  Head Coach Michelle Isaac (far right) and Assistant coach Christina Brown (far left).

Our Vision

Any high school student interested in joining Cooper Drama Club's fall production of Guys and Dolls, our choreographer will be having dance drop-ins from 1:00-2:30 p.m. on July 13th and 20th on the stage.  These are optional and cost $10 per student.  No pre-registration needed. 

Our Vision

Youth Football One Day Camp is a great opportunity you will not want to miss!  Save the date (July 13) and note the location of Boone Co. PeeWee football field.  It's FREE!

Our Vision

Pictured above is our boys basketball youth camp that took place June 17-20. 

Our Vision

Pictured above is girls youth basketball camp that took place June 3-6. 

Our Vision

Pictured above is our youth baseball camp that took place June 10-13. 

7:00-3:00 P.M.
Laptop for School 
Every student is encouraged to bring a personal device, other than a cell phone, for the 2019-2020 school year. Teachers will continue to utilize our online learning management system (Canvas) to provide students with a blended learning model of teaching and learning to best meet the needs of all students. Many resources such as math textbooks and other resources across content areas will be uploaded for students to access on Canvas via a laptop or chromebook. Students and teachers will continue to integrate and use technology to enhance learning and provide students with the skills needed to be college, career, and life ready.

The Boone County School District and Cooper High School are not recommending what type of device to purchase for your student(s). With costs varying widely among types of devices, brand, and capabilities we encourage you to research and discuss what device will best meet the needs and interests of your student. For further guidance and suggestions,  click here.

  • Your student will NOT be able to attend school in the fall without documented proof of starting the Hepatitis A SERIES on a valid KY Immunization Certificate.(Again, the series consists of 2 doses, so the FIRST dose MUST be on the certificate with an expiration date to reflect the 2nd dose after the 6 month window)
  • In addition to the Hepatitis A vaccine, high school students age 16 years or older are required to have proof of a 2nd dose of the Meningococcal vaccine.  This MUST also be on their KY immunization certificate.
Tips and Suggestions:
  • Call your doctor's office to verify if your student has already received the required vaccines
  • If you find out that your child DOES NOT have the required vaccines, you will want to make arrangements to get the shots right away. Because the Hepatitis A vaccine is a series - you will have to start shot #1 ASAP as they CANNOT start school without proof of having started the series.  They can receive the 2nd Meningococcal vaccine right after their 16th birthday.


Please note that our first aid room staff returns to work a few days prior to the first day of school.
Fall Sports Tryouts
Fall sport tryouts will be occurring mid-July.  If your student is interested, make contact with the coach.  Keep in mind, the statewide athletic dead period from KHSAA where coaches and players are not permitted to communicate in any way is currently in place June 24-July 9.

Cheerleading:  Coach Henry (already had initial try-outs)

Girls Cross Country:  Coach Fritz

Boys Cross Country:   Coach Vanlaningham

Freshman Football:  Coach Pence

JV/Varsity Football:  Coach Borchers

Girls Soccer:  Coach Hughes

Boys Soccer:  Coach Flesch

Girls Golf:  Coach Deters

Boys Golf:  Coach Trame

Volleyball:  Coach Isaac

First Day of School 
The first day of school for students is Wednesday, August 14th.  Please make note of this date.  We look forward to another great school year here at Cooper.  It's hard to believe this will begin our 11th year!   We are busy preparing in anticipation of August 14th.

Camp Jaguar 
Camp Jaguar for our incoming freshmen has been set for Friday, August 9th from 8:00-12:00 noon.
This will be a great day for your freshman student to feel more comfortable about high school, build friendships, find their classes, open their locker, opportunities to get involved and many other essential things to make the transition to Cooper as smooth as possible!  Students are paired with their Freshman Mentoring Group and Leader.  This group will be together throughout the school year during J.A.M. (Jaguar Achievement & Mentoring) time.

Please take a moment to register your freshman student at the link below so we can adequately plan for those attending.  Students receive a free t-shirt as well as lunch.

Senior Portraits
Parents of seniors...let's make sure that your senior student is in our yearbook.   
The deadline for seniors to have their picture taken to be in our yearbook is November 14, 2019.   For more information, click here
Golf Outing 
The Boone County Businessman's Association is proud to partner with Boone County Schools for our 19th Annual Golf Outing.

Benefits from this outing will support the Businessman's efforts to provide winter coats, hats and gloves to students in the school district who are in need and to support Boone County Schools Alternative Services Program.
This program includes the Drop-In Academy, Transition to High School, Transition to Life and Behavior Academy.

We would like a few foursomes representing Cooper HS at this great event!   Let Mr. Wilson know if you plan on participating.

Background Check 
Parents and extended families members that would like to chaperon or volunteer at the school for any event will need a background check completed each school year.   The cost is $10 and checks should be made payable to Cooper High School.  

Volleyball Camp
We have a volleyball camp coming up in July!   See the link below to download the registration form and other details.  Pass this on to family, friends and neighbors as it is for elementary and middle school students.

Volleyball Camp
July 10-12, 5:00-8:00 p.m., $40
Grades: 1st-9th 
Summer Assignments
All students have a recommended summer assignment connected with their English class.  There may be additional assignments associated with honors and/or AP courses.   For more information and details, visit our website or click here.

***If your child has signed up for honors and/or AP courses,  we can guarantee they are in these courses unless one of our counselors have contacted you.

Student Drivers
For students that are interested in driving to school, Click here to open our parking policy and requirements.   A driver's license is required to purchase a parking permit.  There are plenty of parking spots for students to purchase throughout the school year as they get their license. If you meet the requirements, please fill out the areas on the parking form and turn in during our payment of fees and schedule-up day on Tuesday, August 6th.

Parking across the street on Kroth Lane, Alson Place and Hawk's Landing subdivisions are strictly prohibited.  A new county ordinance restricts on-street parking from 8:00-3:00 p.m. during school days.  

We will have designated areas for each grade level; seniors with the parking spaces closest, juniors next and then sophomores.  You can only purchase a parking pass with you have your license.   There are plenty of parking spots for students throughout the school as they become eligible for their license.
Upcoming Events      

June 24-28   Drama (Intermediate) Camp 
    Grades 4-6, Bugsy Malone, Jr.
July 10-12    Volleyball Camp, 5-8pm
July 13         National ACT Test
July 17         SBDM Meeting, 5:30 p.m.
Aug. 6          Schedule Pick-Up/Fees
                    (9-12 noon,1-3p & 5-7p) 
Aug. 9          Camp Jaguar, 8-12:00
Aug. 14        First Day of School
Aug. 16        ACT Deadline to Reg. for Sept.
Aug. 22        Curriculum Night, 6-8p
Aug. 27        Picture Day!
Sept. 2         Labor Day--No School 
Sept. 14       National ACT Test Date
Sept. 20       ACT Deadline to Reg. for Oct.
Sept. 23       Senior Class Meeting re:Grad
Sept. 24       Class Ring Information
Oct. 8           Class Ring Parent Info 3-7p
Oct. 9           Class ring orders due
Oct. 11-14    Fall Break-No School
Oct. 18         Homecoming Parade
Oct. 18         Homecoming Game
Oct. 19         Homecoming Dance, 7-11
Nov. 14         Senior Portrait Deadline