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May 12, 2020
Singing in church - yes or no? Insightful article explains why singing in church is not a good idea
In our recently released document on planning guidelines for re-opening our buildings, the recommendation from the diocese has been that since choral singing has been identified as a particular concern of spreading COVID infections, singing is discouraged all together. This news has greatly saddened many.

This article by Dr. Erin Bromage of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, about the risks of the COVID virus and how to avoid them, is very insightful on the spread of COVID and includes a specific section on choirs. It is commended to you for reading.
Campus Ministry Grant applications accepted through June 26
Funds are available to help support campus ministry initiatives in the diocese. Applications for 2020-2021 Campus Ministries grants are now available on the diocesan website . The deadline for applications is June 26, 2020.

All ministries that receive Campus Ministry grant funds are required to participate in the Campus Ministry Collaborative, which consists of representatives of the campus ministries in the Diocese of Southern Ohio. The purpose of the Collaborative is to distribute campus ministry grants, organize and run a combined retreat/event for students in the diocese, support and learn from each other. The Collaborative meets once a year in person at Procter Center and additional times via video conference.

If you are applying for the first time, you will be asked to join the video conference meeting on July 17, 2020 to discuss your grant request and listen to the others.

If you have questions or would like more information, contact the Rev. Deborah Woolsey at  redebwoolsey@gmail.com .
How to successfully apply for PPP loan forgiveness
Many churches have received a loan through the CARES Act’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Now comes the next important step: applying for loan forgiveness.

While the application can’t be submitted until eight weeks after receiving the loan, churches in the meantime need to correctly handle and track their loan funds. Here are four ways Church Law & Tax offers to help you do just that (all free):

  1. CPA, tax attorney, and Church Law & Tax advisor-at-large Ted Batson guides you through the process with lists of costs that are—and aren’t—included in loan forgiveness, documentation that must be submitted with the forgiveness application, factors that will keep the loan from being fully forgiven, and more.
  2. As an important, supplemental follow-up to his article, Batson will offer a one-hour webinar on May 20 at 11 a.m.—covering any recent updates and additional guidance on the loan forgiveness process. As time allows, Batson will answer pre-submitted questions. Register now.
  3. Could your church be audited for failing to properly meet the PPP loan certification requirements? Attorneys Frank Sommerville and Cory Halliburton weigh in on this question, and offer important information about careful and proper documentation.
  4. CPA and senior editorial advisor Vonna Laue answers a specific question about record keeping for the PPP loan and whether loan funds should be handled in a separate account.
'Called to Mission' new course available through ChurchNext
If we define mission work as the work of reconciliation, it becomes every Christian’s job — not just the work of people called to the particular type of mission work that involves traveling to or living in foreign countries. We are all called to do the work of reconciling humanity with God, with one another, and with the created world.

In the first lesson, Kate Gillooly discusses what Christian mission really is — what it means to be a missionary and why we are all called to do mission work. In the second lesson, Kate discusses how to discern what God is calling us to do. In the third lesson, Kate talks about discerning what gifts we bring to the table. Finally, Kate talks about how to make mission work successful in terms of discerning community needs, balancing out skill sets, entering into strong relationships with the people with whom we serve, and other factors.

This course is a part of the joint series created by the Dioceses of Ohio and Southern Ohio. The cost is $10. You can access the course for individuals here or the course for groups ($15) here.
Coronavirus laugh for the day
Connecting the Dots
connect the dots logo
One way that we've been asking people to share their stories over the last several months has been through our Connect the Dots initiative, a program encouraging Episcopalians to visit other congregations throughout the diocese and tell a story about what they learned.

The program was a bit derailed with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are plenty of other ways to connect with other congregations even while physically distancing. You can "attend" an online service, or help out with another congregation's feeding ministry (with proper restrictions, of course), or set up a Zoom meeting with a few people from another congregation to share your coronavirus stories. Any way you do it, we're all in this pandemic thing together and connecting the dots around the diocese is a win-win for all involved.

Speaking of winning, the time for sharing stories to enter the drawing for a $1,000 prize for your church's outreach ministry is soon coming to an end – the deadline is May 30! So get those stories in ASAP. Submit a "virtual postcard" of your visit at http://dsoconnectthedots.org/postcard/.
Connecting with The Episcopal Church
Episcopal Shield
Episcopal Relief & Development responds to the COVID-19 pandemic

Episcopal Relief & Development is supporting Episcopal Dioceses in the United States in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The organization’s US Disaster Program is providing resources, technical support and funding to meet specific needs related to the pandemic in communities around the country.

Since mid-March, the US Disaster team, in partnership with the Presiding Bishop’s office, has been holding weekly calls with bishops and key leaders in Episcopal dioceses to address the novel coronavirus pandemic. Initial steps included  faith-based resources  to help bishops and diocesan staff determine how to safely conduct services and to maintain community in a pandemic. As the pandemic progressed and states issued stay-at-home orders, the US Disaster team offered weekly  webinars  on a variety of topics such as mental health, isolation, institutional support and immigration, as well as other  resources  to help diocesan partners address the widespread impact of the coronavirus. The US Disaster Program continues to provide technical support as partners determine how to best respond to the unique needs in their communities, whether that be mental health care, medical care, financial assistance or other needs.

“Episcopal Relief & Development collaborates with partners to tailor very specific responses to specific needs in each community through our asset-based approach,“ said Katie Mears, Senior Director, US Disaster Program, Episcopal Relief & Development. “By working with dioceses to leverage local gifts and resources, we meet needs that are not being met by other organizations. I am continually impressed by how the Church has risen up and found innovative ways to be present in their communities and to serve their neighbors.”

Connecting with Christ Church Cathedral
Happy 1/2 Hour with the Rabbi
Bishop Breidenthal is back with Rabbi Abie Ingber for this week's Happy 1/2 Hour with the Rabbi on Thursday, May 14 at at 2 p.m.

Every Thursday, Christ Church Cathedral's Rabbi-in-residence Abie Ingber gives a 30-minute online offering exploring Sunday’s sacred texts through the lens of centuries of Rabbinic commentary. This is a casual and light-hearted way to get to know the rabbi, interact with the bishop and maybe learn something about the scriptures - join the fun!

Want to stay up to date with everything that is happening at Christ Church Cathedral? Check out the Weekly GPS, an e-newsletter sent out every Friday that includes all the upcoming (virtual) offerings at the cathedral.
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Christ Church Cathedral is located at 318 E. 4th Street in downtown Cincinnati. Visit  cincinnaticathedral.com  or call (513) 621-1817 to learn more.
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Connecting with Procter Center
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Procter Center is located at 11235 State Route 38E in London, OH. Visit  proctercenter.org  or call (740) 206-2036 to learn more.
Connecting with job opportunities
Bethany School

Christ Church, Glendale

St. Andrew's, Pickerington

Holy Trinity, Oxford
All Saints, Cincinnati

Calvary, Cincinnati

St. Simon of Cyrene, Lincoln Heights and/or Transfiguration Spirituality Center
See all job opportunities at http://diosohio.org/job-opportunities/. Need a job posted? Send your information to communication@diosohio.org .