A COVID-19 Update
As a local business owner, I empathize with each and every one of you who is navigating these uncharted waters. As a valued customer I care about your needs.

Fueled, for over a decade, with the mission to provide clean, healthy & safe drinking water and other breakroom solutions to our customers, we have always taken great pride in our service and maintaining the most technologically advanced systems the market has to offer. 

Especially in these times, we are happy that you had recognize the importance of having a self-sanitizing drinking water system in your employee breakroom and have not sacrificed the health and well-being of your staff with other less advanced coolers.  Your staff can be confident that the cooler may just be the cleanest part of your breakroom.
As the global situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, we wanted to take a moment to share with you the MANY benefits of having our PureWater Technology Systems in your office.

What you have come to expect:
  • The Anti-Microbial sterile touch-pad eliminates germs, bacteria & viruses on the surface.
  • The 24 hour Microprocessor monitors the water to ensure the highest quality available.
  • The Auto Tank Sanitization eliminates microbial contamination in the reservoir.
  • Our patented Activated Oxygen injection oxygenates your water to deliver the freshest bacteria free water.
  • Our commercial grade filters deliver peach of mind by filtering out viruses, bacteria and germs which provides 99.5% fresh, clean, purified water….That’s PureWater Technology.

Please know that while this will pass our commitment will not
Pure Water of L.A. is committed to providing the highest quality drinking water no more than ever. In compliance with the “Safer At Home” policy currently in place we are carefully monitoring the situation as the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic unfolds and are following the recommendations and directives of all federal, state, and local agencies. 

Since we are listed as an essential business and under this policy, we are committed to helping our customers maintain a safe and healthy workplace. Although many of us are also working remotely, that does not change the way we provide trusted service. We are open and answering your call. On an as needed basis we are here to serve and providing you the confidence that the drinking water being provided in your breakroom up to our high standard. 

Following the guidance of the CDC , Federal and Local requirements and the Water Quality Association we have made the necessary accommodations to work from home. My staff is fully prepared to answer your questions and my service department, while working a limited schedule in the field, is prepared to preform service calls should you need us.

I am local business and we are all in this together. I will always put my customer at the forefront of what we do. We are committed to giving you our best during this time and always!

Keep an eye out for updates as we continue to work for you.

Please do not hesitate to call the office should you need anything (877)41-DRINK.

Your Pure Water of L. A. Team

Howard Blank
Phone : 877-413-7465
Help us Stop the Spread.
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