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In This Issue- March 2013
Island hopping
Potholing - too easy!
Cold cutting
No time for laps
New courses announced
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Working on ship berthing pylons can be challenging as its not only sometimes very cold but also the impact of water that enters the site from, in this case - the ocean.When a recent concrete pour went wrong and there was a deadline for berthing of ships Hi Tech dispatched day and night shifts to remove concrete using hydro demolition around the pylons and down 500m deep.Our experiences team finished on schedule and the berth is now back in full operation.To read more about our projects click here.
About us
About us

Thank you to those who have sent well wishes since moving into our new larger premises. After 18 years in the one location we outgrew both the office and workshop. I did question the relocation as economy was soft in the latter part of 2012. The new year we hope will see the flow of capital to Australian businesses large and small so that industries can look strategically towards a new wave of growth and prosperity.  This is the first of our newsletters which will feature some of the projects and diversity of equipment that Hi Tech has as well as some of our industry partners that have worked with us over the last 21 years. For those new to ultra high pressure water jetting we have tried in just over a minute to deliver a snapshot of its features and benefits.

Regards for now
Mark Turner
Managing Director
Potholing- its a breeze with the King Vac 9000
Since purchasing the King Vac (affectionately known as the "white beauty') mid 2012 it has proven over and over why it is a leader in its class. Initially we purchased "the beauty" to facilitate our industrial services work however we are pleased to see the response by Councils looking for non destructive digging that can reduce the possibility of spills, accidents and injuries not only to those working in the area, but also the environment. Visit our Vacuum Loading/Excavation website to learn more about how this innovative and effective solution can deliver for your Council, Arborist Service or Contractor.
Cold Cutting
How to cut steel tanks that have contaminated material inside safely, without exposing our workers to harm, but deliver accurate, efficient cuts in a timely manner? With the aid of high pressure water and a sharp edged abrasive Hi Tech's cold cutting machine was able to deliver minimal cutting seam cuts that were dust and gas free all under remote control with our water jetting operator standing some 2 metres from the tanks.This system can be used also under water and we have been successful on many occasions using the cold cutting system for repairing and cutting casing pipelines and steel structures. Read more about this specialised method here
Removing glue
This is one of our favourite photos. Our client had a challenge with a large residents pool. The tiles were required to be moved which left a solid glue residue. The challenge for Hi Tech was to remove the tile as quickly as possible so as to not delay the reopening of the pool.... it was summer of course.Armed with our most senior water jetting operators and ultra high pressure water systems we were able to remove the entire glue content covering over 290 square metres in 2 days.There was certainly no time for us to cool off but we are confident the regular users of the pool were doing laps in no time.
Hi Tech Industrial Services is proud to be a sponsor of the Cement and Concrete Services Courses. If you are an Engineer (Structural/Civil/Environmental), Projects & Maintenance Manager or Local & State Government staff that handle tender- contract documentation in this area, a concrete supplier, repair contractor, supplier or builder then the courses on offer could be beneficial to you. Available nationally, the facilitator Paul Uno has over 30 years in the design and construction industry and deliver the courses in a workshop style environment with guest speakers. Register for the next course in a state near you.
Visit out website at www.hitechindustrial.com.au or email info@hitechindustrial for further information.