Advanced Giving Starts Monday!
November 18th, 2019
Will you be part of our Bicentennial 200?

Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School is celebrating 146 years of providing an excellent Catholic education in Central Alabama. We treasure the mission started by the Sisters of Loretto in 1873, and we would love your support as we look towards the next 150 years! 

The Goal = at least 200 donors who will support the Annual Fund & the Re-robe the Marching Knights fund! We want to double our Giving Tuesday Donors from last year - a total of 104 individual donations were given in 2018, which raised $7,400!

If 104 donors can raise $7,400, what can 200 do? Help us in our #iGiveCatholic campaign and be part of our Bicentennial 200 , in honor of Alabama's 200th birthday!

The plan includes: 
  • Double our Donors to 200
  • Support for our Annual Fund (unrestricted funds used for immediate needs of our school).
  • Support of our efforts to re-robe the Marching Knights and provide support for the purchase of new band uniforms. Ours are finally being retired after 15 years of service! We need an update!!

Advanced giving starts on Monday, November 18! THANK YOU for making all things at Montgomery Catholic possible! #BuiltByCatholic #iGiveCatholic