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#iam #oneword #hosannafl
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, handsome, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? ~Nelson Mandela
A Note From Pastor Linda    
Dear Friends- what is your #iam #oneword? 
Yes, WORDS matter. YOU have been created in the image of God- yes, YOU!! From Genesis 1 (the voice):
God spoke: Let us make human beings in our image, make them reflecting our nature... God created human beings; God created them godlike, reflecting God's nature. God created them male and female.
On Sunday I invited you to complete the sentence: I am _________________- with ONE WORD to be your focus and grounding word for 2019- and then I asked you to share them with me. Here are some of the responses that I have received: present, strong, gifted, hopeful, enough, content, fulfilled, engaged, discerning, comfent (comfortable/content). What's your one word?
Keep your I am... card in a place where you see it regularly- and then add your #iam #oneword to the Welcome Center Bulletin Board!
As you consider your word for 2019- or even if you already have your word, consider these words as a New Year's letter to YOU from God:
Believe me, when I tell you, you are my child. I created and crafted you in my image and glory. I chose you before the foundation of the world, to walk arm and arm with me daily in my presence. The shimmering light of my glory releases you from the power of the inky dark night and the struggles you encounter each day. Do not lose sight of the strength of my immeasurable love that frees and delivers you from your fears and doubts and worries about tomorrow.
Know who and whose you are, for when you know this it is easy to identify who you are not. You are not your failures; you are not your sin, you are not your fears and most important you are not abandoned by me when you nose dive and make a mess of your life. You are my child from the beginning that has no beginning to the end that has no end.
BE the CHURCH!!  
 ~Pastor Linda     
Thank you for the many prayers surrounding my spinal fusion surgery on Wednesday and my recovery. I have planned to be away from preaching for 5 Sundays- and hope to be back sooner but also know that healing takes time and energy.

Prayer Requests

Comfort and Strength in Cancer Journey
Gail McCullough, friend of Grimes Family; Bill Grimes, father of Ryan Grimes; Megan Olrich Sullivan, family friends of Christenson family; Cindy, mother of Char Houle; Jackie, friend of Elaine Schumacher; Jeremy; James Henriott; Bria Leisgang, niece of Sharon and Doug Sill; Deb Krinke; Ryder Clark, family friend of Rochelle Busch; Joe, brother of Teresa Bredahl; Beau Anderson, friend of Sill family;; Beryl, friend of Elaine Schumacher; Terry Longville, friend of Sharon Sill

Healing, Recovering or Facing Other Health Issues
LaVonne Reedy; Pastor Linda Friesen; Cindy Vedder; Rex Livermore, father of Dave Livermore; Don Moody, brother of Ruth and Marlin Lackas; Laurie Kunze, Niece of Roger and Cindy Kunze; Mike, father-in-law of Nick Bredahl; Leah Anderson, granddaughter of Ruth & Marlin Lackas; Hannah Bergan; Doug Sill; Ella Wenzel; Larry, brother of Michelle Spanjers; Marlys & Jerry Berg, sister and brother-in-law of Dave Oster; Leona Lucker, great aunt of James Henriott; Harry Eckert; Jeff Johnson, brother of Julie Ohman; Margot LeBoeuf, neighbor of Mary Thompson; Larry, friend of Elaine Schumacher; Alex, niece of Dave and Laura Livermore; Dee Eckert; Dale, friend of Tammy Cortes; Stephanie Lackas, daughter of Ruth & Marlin Lackas; Ashlyn; Juniper, granddaughter of Buck & Laura Carlson; Laura, mother of James Henriott; Joanne Johnson, mother of Julie Ohman; Sharyn, sister of Barbara Johansen; Nathan Acker; Dick Westcott; Sharon Kari; Cooper, great-nephew of Mary Gookins

Keep Safe From Harm
Cole Anderson, grandson of Ruth & Marlin Lackas; Adam, grandson of James Henriott

Training Consortium on Opioid Addiction
Wednesday, January 16
6:45pm in the Garden Chapel

The Hosanna Befrienders has partnered with Hazelden to provide a one hour training session on opioid addiction and other mind-altering drugs on Wednesday, January 16 at 6:45pm in the Garden Chapel. Please contact Kelsey Grachek for more information.

See Through The Scriptures with Pastor Jan Mehlhoff
Thursdays through February 14 - All are welcome!
1 PM & 6:30 PM in the Gathering Space

See thru the Scriptures is 6 week course that takes you through the Biblical story. It is a great way to understand the context of scripture. If you have been studying the Bible for years or never opened it, you will still enjoy this series!! (I guarantee you will learn something you didn't know and be surprised at how the story unfolds!) Join me Thursdays at 1:00 PM OR 6:30 PM beginning January 10th.

Sunshine Discovery Center FREE Family Fun Night
Thursday, January 24
5:30PM - 7PM

Sunshine Discovery Center Open House!
This is a FREE Family Fun Night on Thursday, January 24 from 5:30pm - 7pm at Hosanna!
Join us for dinner, art, science activities and games and with a concert by David Landau! Come learn more about Sunshine Discovery Center opening Fall 2019
Bring your teddy bears and stuffed animals to join in on the fun!

Enrollment for Hosanna's Sunshine Discovery Center
For Hosanna & Sunshine Families: Now
For the Public: January 21

Hosanna's Sunshine Discovery Center is opening Fall of 2019 and will be the second Forest Lake location to partner with Lake Area Discovery Center (LADC). The new expanded programming will include flexible schedule options for TODDLERS starting at 16 months old and will build on the strong 30+ year history of Sunshine Preschool by adding extended/wrap-around care, full-time schedule options and accreditation/ quality ratings. Registration for the 2019-2020 school year for current Sunshine and Hosanna families begins tomorrow! Learn more and register here:

January Book Club
The Gifts of Imperfection
by Brene Brown
Discussion Date: January 29 at 7pm
at Pastor Linda Friesen's Home

What is it like to live a wholehearted life? Courage, compassion and connection are needed in order for people to live wholehearted lives. They need courage to be vulnerable. They need compassion for themselves and for others. They need to make connections with others in order to both give and receive with an open heart.

Adult Meet 'n Mingle Night
Date: January 30 
Time: 6:45-7:45 pm
Where: Gathering Space

We are hosting our first Meet 'n Mingle Night for any adult who wants to connect, especially parents/guardians of kids in our Faith Formation program. We want to give you an opportunity to get to know folks and know that you are not alone in this journey of faith and life. Desserts, Appetizers and light drink refreshments. All are welcome, we want to be intentional about relationship and connection. This is our kick off to start our #LifeGroups at Hosanna! 

See you there and bring a friend! 

Habits of the Heart Retreat for Adults
March 15-17
Register by January 27

HABITS of the Heart- a plan for connecting deeper with God.
Need a boost?  A time away for connecting with God and others?  Looking for a new spiritual practice to draw you closer to God in your daily life?  Join us for a time of retreat, reflection relaxation and recreation (R4!).  Come alone, bring a friend.  You will walk away with a plan to help you more fully discover God's presence in every day life!

DATES:  March 15-17
Register by January 27 with a $50 deposit
Location:  Heartwood Conference and Retreat Center in Trego, WI
One night or two night option- begins Friday evening at 6pm with dinner and  complete by Saturday at 7pm- stay until Sunday to practice! Contact Pastor Linda or Kathy Okeson with questions.

Year-End Statements

Your 2018 Year End Giving Statement has been emailed or mailed to your home.  Look for it- and if you have not received it by the end of January- call Roxanne Anderson, Finance Director at 651-464-0776 or finance@hosannaforestlake.net.

Annual Meeting
February 10

Hosanna will be having our Annual Meeting on Sunday, February 10 at noon along with our annual potluck. Please contact Kelsey Grachek with questions.

Waking Up White with Debby Irving
Sunday, February 17
3 PM - 6 PM
Gustavus Adolphus in St. Paul

Come join the Saint Paul Area Synod in welcoming Debby Irving, author of  Waking Up White. Irving will being speaking and leading us in an interactive workshop. This time will be most effective if congregations plan on bringing a group ready to collaborate further with church conferences and neighboring communities. This event is open to rostered and lay leaders as well as community members.
We will focus our time on,  Leveling the Playing Field: Interrupting Patterns of Power and Privilege; this is an interactive workshop involving mapping power, patterns, and interventions.
Suggested cost of the event is $10 per person, to be collected at the door. We do not want cost to prohibit anybody from attending this learning opportunity - all are welcome. Debby Irving will have books available and there will be an opportunity to meet her after the workshop time.
If your congregation or organization has yet to read Waking Up White, it is recommended to read before attending. A study guide for the book is available by emailing Office@HosannaForestLake.net 
Registration opens January 15. Questions? Contact Pastor Jen Collins, anti-racism work group co-lead, at  jcollins@hosannaforestlake.net.

Community Gathering:
Vaping Among Youth
Tuesday, February 19
6 PM
Garden Chapel

E-Cigs, are they safe? Youth use of electronic cigarettes and other vaping products is an issue occurring across the state and nation. Please join us for a community event gathering around electronic cigarettes and other vaping products. Raise your level of awareness about youth vaping, discuss what we can do as parents and caregivers, help us in the Forest Lake Area determine what we can do to address this rising epidemic problem. 

Registration is now OPEN!

We want YOU to join us for Connect360! Registration is now open on our website! If you haven't joined us for Connect360 Wednesday nights- give it a try! 

5:00 pm - Dinner
6:00 pm - Lighthouse Worship
6:45 pm - Life Long Learning (L ³)
Life Long Learning is made up of Faith Formation, Confirmation, Higher Ground and Adult Education.

To receive more information, please contact the Church Office at office@hosannaforestlake.net
or register on our website here.

Summer Stretch
Registration is now OPEN!

General Summer Sessions: One day a week in June + July
Time: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (7:00 am drop off time available)
One Session: June $125, July $125
All Summer: $200
Summer Stretch Celebration Twin Cities wide at VALLEY FAIR- (OPTIONAL: August 2, Additional +$30)

Did you know?
A note from the Green Earth Team

At our GET meeting yesterday we discussed the new requirements for recycling. At this time, only #1 and #2 plastic is acceptable for pickup by SRC.  
The Washington county center still accepts #1-#7, and people can bring their Items to the center if they want

Hosanna Staff

Linda Friesen, Pastor

Jen Collins, Pastor

Rob Anderson, Director of Worship and Music
Kelsey Grachek, Executive Assistant
Roxanne Anderson, Finance
Alicia Bauer, Bookkeeper
Kathy Kuehn, Kitchen Manager
Charlie Ollman, Choir Director
Mary Gookins, Handbell Choir Director
Lisa Sauer, Children's Choir Director
Phyllis Lindberg, Accompanist

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